Designer's Gallery Creator Software makes it simple to digitize fun large letter embroidery designs. Use True Type fonts as artwork and layer standard and decorative fills to turn your favorite sayings into a unique embroidery design. Stitch all at one time using the multi-needle jumbo hoop or combine and align individual letters to make a larger design on whichever Baby Lock embroidery machine you own! These large embroidery stitch-outs that are perfect for making pillows and stretch canvas home decor! Download printable instructions.


  • Positioning Stickers
  • 5 (or more) Spools embroidery thread to coordinate with design
  • 2/3 yard of fabric of choice for front
  • 2/3 yard of fabric for the back
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away Stabilizer or Baby Lock Ultra Soft Fusible Stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive for embroidery
  • Sewing thread for pillow construction
  • Pillow form


  • Baby Lock Enterprise or Valiant Embroidery Machine
  • Jumbo Hoop 14" X 14" (ENJF)
  • Designer's Gallery Creator Software


  1. Using Designer's Gallery Creator, select Edit and Preference.

  2. Select Multi-Position hoop style and choose the 14x14 jumbo hoop. Touch OK.

  3. Click on the Creator icon.

  4. Select the True Type option to use a font for your artwork.

  5. Type in MERRY and select the font of your choice. For this pillow, the font Gills Sans MT was used. Touch OK.

  6. Resize the "MERRY" to fit into the top half of the jumbo hoop.

  7. Duplicate the letters so that you have two (2) of the same "MERRY" artwork.

    1. This will allow us to have artwork to put two different fills to create the layered look for the lettering.

  8. With one set of "MERRY" letters selected, click the Fill icon on the Tool Pane.

  9. Once the letters have been filled, adjust the settings to your liking.

  10. Select the second set of "MERRY" artwork from the Objects Pane.

  11. From the Tool Pane, select the Motif Fill icon.

  12. This layer was stitched over the standard fill.

  13. While one motif stitch was selected, try adding multiple motifs to create unique open fills.

  14. Select the designs on the page, and group them by going to the Edit Menu and selecting "Group."

  15. While still selected, copy and paste the design.

  16. Rotate it 180 degrees and move to the bottom half of the jumbo hoop.

  17. Using the Objects Pane, select each letter to change the colors.

  18. The motif fill portion was all left as black.

  19. Save the design to a USB drive to bring to the machine.

  20. The design will automatically be saved as a split for the jumbo hoop.

  21. To stitch out the jumbo embroidery design, prepare fabric by cutting a 20x20 piece.

  22. Hoop the fabric in the jumbo hoop using tear-away stabilizer and spray adhesive.

  23. Change the Valiant or Enterprise frame holder to Frame Holder B.

  24. Attach the jumbo hoop to the machine.

  25. Select the design from the USB. It will be shown as a split design.

  26. Select the first half of the design. Assign thread colors to the needle and stitch.

    1. NOTE: The motif fills can create a lot of jump stitches. To avoid the trims, you can turn this feature off and manually trim the jumps.

  27. When the first half of the design is stitched, follow the machine instructions to place position sticker and rotate the hoop.

  28. Select the second half of the design, assign colors and continue to stitch out the design.

  29. Once sewing is complete, remove from the frame. Gently tear away excess stabilizer.

  30. Trim down the embroidery for the desired pillow size. In this project, it was trimmed to 18"x18".

  31. Cut a backing piece to the same size.

  32. Stitch right sides together using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a 6-8" opening at the bottom.

  33. Trim the corners and turn inside out. Press.

  34. Insert a pillow form and hand-sew the opening to complete the pillow.

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