Project Mommy and Me Embroidered Aprons

By Pam Mahshie

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Take a simple and sweet fabric and turn it into cute matching mommy and me aprons! The simple pattern makes the aprons easy to complete with decorative pockets, pleated ruffles and sew them together in no time.


  • 3 Spools Polyester Embroidery thread
  • 1 spool all-purpose thread to match fabrics
  • 1 spool Madeira Mouline decorative thread for bobbin work
  • Kwik Sew- Ellie Mae Designs Festive Kitchen Trio pattern #103
  • See pattern envelope for exact yardage amount
  • Fabric is “Emma - Pink-a-Doodle” collection by Michele Scott of The Pieceful
  • Quilter from Northcott Fabrics*


  • Baby Lock Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • Baby Lock 1GB flash drive


  1. Cut a small square of fabric large enough to include the design you are going to trace.

  2. Place fabric under the template cover on your Sketchpad.

  3. Trace pattern or patterns from the fabric you will use in the border, we selected two patterns for this project.

  4. Fill design with color and save to the flash drive.

  5. Embroidery of Border:

    1. Open Embroidery Edit.

    2. Retrieve the designs from the USB flash drive. Touch SET.

    3. Next open the Continuous Border function and add designs to make a row of 4 total designs. Move design to the top of the design page. Touch CLOSE.

    4. Touch SEWING and the PATTERN CONNECT function, and Touch the CENTER BOTTOM point. Touch CLOSE.

    5. Join the ruffle sections together to make one long strip. Spray strip with starch, let dry and press.

    6. Mark the position of your embroidery border design, the easiest way to do this is to fold the length of your strip in half.

    7. Measuring from the fold, mark the center.

    8. Place the border strip in the large continuous border snap frame. Align the center line with one of the marks on the frame, snap frame closed and stitch the first design.

    9. Follow directions on the screen to place the positioning stickers. Move fabric for next design.

    10. Retrieve the design once again. Touch SET. Touch SEWING. Then Touch the CENTER TOP box. This will join the design to the previous design. Touch OK.

    11. Touch the box representing the area of the Positioning Stickers, then touch Scan.

    12. Remove the Positioning Stickers and sew the next design. It couldn’t be easier to create beautiful borders and precisely position designs.

  6. Pockets:

    1. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to place both pockets on diagonally. Starch heavily let dry and press a piece of Cut Away mesh on the wrong side of fabric.

    2. Draw lines 1 ½” apart following the length of the fabric.

    3. Insert the decorative bobbin case in place.

    4. Wind a bobbin with Madeira Mouline thread and place in bobbin case.

    5. Thread the top with either matching or invisible thread, tighten top tension slightly.

    6. Select stitch 1-09 or 1-10, stitch width 6.0 and stitch length 2.0. Check width and length for your desired look

    7. Remember you will be sewing from the wrong side of your fabric. Stitch every other line with decorative bobbin thread.

    8. On the opposite lines select a decorative stitch of you like and stitch using one of the same colors from the embroidery.

    9. Press and starch one more time before cutting pockets.

    10. Place pocket pattern on the fabric diagonally and cut each pocket separately. Follow pattern instructions for pocket assembly and positioning on apron.

    11. TIP: When attaching pockets to your apron use the Adjustable Blind Hem Foot. Or use stitch Q-12 with stitch length 2.0 and stitch Width 1.0.

  7. Assembly: Follow instructions from pattern sheet for apron assembly.

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