Personalize your travel bags by adding a cute monogram! It's so easy to customize a blank with just a touch of embroidery. The free-arm embroidery of the Baby Lock Professional Series machines makes embroidering smaller items a breeze. Use the magnetic hoop and clamp hoop for multi-needle machines to make embroidering these items even easier. Before you know it, you'll have dressed up your toiletry bags or created a great gift anyone will love! Download printable instructions.


  • Blank cosmetic bags
  • Built-in monogram font or other font of your choice
  • 1-2 Spools embroidery thread to coordinate with bags
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away stabilizer or Baby Lock Stick-Tear stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive for embroidery


  • Baby Lock Alliance, Endurance II, Intrepid, Enterprise or Valiant Embroidery Machine
  • Magnetic Hoop (ENMF50)
  • Clamp Hoop (ENCF100)


  1. For this project, we used a built-in monogram font found on most Baby Lock multi-needle machines, but you can use any font for your monogram or single initial.

  2. Select the diamond monogram font.

  3. Choose the traditional monogram layout.

  4. Select the first, last and middle initials. Note that there is a tab for each. Touch Set.

  5. Touch Add and select the diamond monogram font.

  6. Select the decorative frame icon.

  7. Choose a frame style of choice. For this project, the frame #11 was used. Touch Set.

  8. Purchased cosmetic bags may seem challenging to embroider, but the magnetic hoop and clamp hoop make things easier.

  9. Inspect your bag to determine the best placement for the monogram. Some bags may have extra pockets or plastic to avoid when stitching.

  10. Once you find a spot for embroidery, determine the best hoop for that embroidery area.

  11. The magnetic hoop has a 2"x2" embroidery area, which may be small, but allows you to get into tight spaces.

  12. The clamp hoop has a 4"x4" embroidery area, and allows you to hold the bags tight by clamping down on the fabric.

  13. Both of these hoops can be used with stabilizer, but it may not be necessary, as many of these bags have quilting or backing that provide stability.

  14. Adjust or change the frame holder for the chosen hoop.

  15. Place the hoop on the machine.

  16. Go back to the machine screen.

  17. On the Embroidery Editing screen, resize, rotate and/or reposition the design as desired.

  18. When finished editing, touch Edit End.

  19. Make any final edits with rotation and positioning. Touch Embroidery.

  20. Assign the colors to the appropriate needles. Thread/re-thread the machine if needed.

  21. To sew all in one color, touch the Monochromatic Sewing Key.

  22. Once sewing is complete, remove from the frame. Gently tear away any excess stabilizer.

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