This fun little owl quilt covers the basics of quilting: appliqué, piecing, quilting and binding. Perfect for a baby's nursery or for any kids' room, this quilt is a great beginning project to perfect quilting techniques! So gather some fun fabric and quilt! Download printable instructions.


  • 1/2-yard green cotton fabric
  • 1/2-yard ivory cotton fabric
  • 1/2-yard owl print cotton fabric
  • 3/4-yard brown check cotton fabric for outer border and owls
  • 3/4-yard brown cotton fabric
  • Felt remnants in white, green and black
  • Felt remnants in white, green and black
  • All purpose thread to match fabrics
  • Decorative or contrasting thread for appliqué
  • Monofilament thread
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
  • Marking pen or chalk
  • Access to a copy machine
  • Fabric Glue
  • Steam-A-Seam 2 fusible web
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Hand sewing needle
  • 25" x 40" piece of batting


  • Baby Lock sewing machine
  • ¼” foot with a guide


  1. Appliqué Blocks

    1. Select a printed fabric that inspires you. We selected an owl print.

    2. Cut three 9” blocks from the ivory fabric. These are the background for your appliqué blocks.

    3. To create an appliqué template that matches your fabric, take the fabric to the copy machine and enlarge the design as desired, but not larger than an 8 ½” square.

    4. Cut out the paper appliqué template. Cut a piece of brown check fabric just large enough to cut out the template.

    5. Press a piece of Steam- A-Seam to the wrong side of the remnant piece before cutting.

    6. Cut out the appliqué template. Repeat this process for any additional appliqué pieces.

    7. Remove the paper backing from the Steam- A-Seam and arrange the appliqué design on the ivory back ground block as desired. Fuse in place using the iron.

    8. Thread the machine with matching or coordinating thread in the needle and bobbin.

    9. Use a straight stitch, zigzag, satin or decorative stitches to appliqué the pieces to the block.

    10. Cut the remaining appliqué details from felt and glue in place using fabric glue.

    11. Repeat for the remaining two blocks.

  2. Pieced Blocks

    1. Cut two green and two ivory squares 10 1/4”. Cut the squares corner to corner to form triangles.

    2. Thread the machine with all-purpose thread in the needle and bobbin.

    3. Select a straight stitch and attach the ¼” foot with a guide.

    4. Stitch ivory and green triangles together to form a block. Square off the block trimming if necessary to 9”. Repeat to make a total of 3 pieced blocks.

  3. Assembly and Finishing

    1. Cut three 2 ½” x 45” (width of the fabric) strips from brown plaid for the borders and vertical sashing.

    2. Cut one 4 ½” x 45” (width of the fabric) strip from owl print for horizontal sashing.

    3. Using a ¼” seam allowance, attach one brown strip to the right side of an appliquéd owl block. Press.

    4. Using the rotary cutter, mat and ruler, square off the ends of the sashing strip.

    5. Attach a pieced block to the other side of the vertical brown sashing piece. This makes the first row.

    6. Repeat this process for the third row.

    7. For the second row, the pieced block is first and rotated 90 degrees.

    8. Join the first row and the second row using a horizontal strip from the owl print material.

    9. Using the rotary cutter, mat, and ruler square off the ends of the sashing strip.

    10. Repeat to join the second row to the third row.

    11. Use the two brown fabric strips for the left and right sides of the vertical border strips.

    12. Using the rotary cutter, mat and ruler, square off the ends of the border strip. Then attach the top and bottom for the horizontal border strips. Press.

    13. NOTE: Before you cut, measure the wall hanging front piece and adjust the cutting dimensions of the backing fabric if needed.

    14. Cut a 25” x 40” piece of cotton print fabric for the backing.

    15. Layer the back fabric (right side down), batting fabric and pieced quilt top (right side up).

    16. Thread the machine with monofilament thread in the needle and bobbin.

    17. Stitch in the ditch of the pieced blocks to quilt the layers together.

    18. Lightly press and trim all layers to square up the quilt, if needed.

    19. For the rod pocket, cut a piece 4 ½” x 18” from the same material as the back of the quilt. Hem the short ends.

    20. Place the strip to the top edge of the back of the quilt, centering it. Baste the top edge to the raw edge of the quilt. This edge will be sewn in when the binding is attached.

    21. Fold under the raw edge of the lower section of the strip. Hand-sew to attach the lower section of the rod pocket to the back of the quilt.

    22. Cut 2 ½” binding strips from the green fabric. Sew the strips together into a long strip. Press in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.

    23. Align the raw edges of the folded piece to the raw edge of the quilt. Turn the folded edge to the back and stitch in place.

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