Looking for a great scrap buster project? Try these simple postcards! Use small sections of fabric that you can’t part with while using bobbin work and a bobbin case. Using heavy weight threads will add that special look while you can customize by printing out any clip art or design from your computer. Download printable instructions.


  • Any clip art or design printed from your computer
  • Baby Lock Shape-Flex Interfacing cut to 4” x 6”
  • Smaller size lightbox
  • Cotton scraps in various colors
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Madeira threads (assorted colors)
  • Monofilament clear thread


  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine


  1. In this project you can you can select any clip art image that you desire. Look for clip art that has outlines that are well-defined.

  2. Using a lightbox, trace your clip art design onto the Shape-Flex Interfacing.

  3. Using temporary spray adhesive, spray the opposite side of the interfacing without the traced design.

    1. Select one scrap of fabric large enough to cover the interfacing, and finger press smooth on the untraced side of the interfacing.

    2. Tip: Create two sections of interfacing. One of the sections will be used for test sewing and the other will be the actual project.

  4. With the machine on, replace the bobbin case with the bobbin work bobbin case.

  5. Hand-wind two bobbins with the silk thread and place one in the bobbin case. Do not slide the thread end through to the cutter.

  6. Select a zig zag stitches in the machine and set the tension to .08. Adjust the width.

    1. Thread the machine with clear Monofilament thread. You may also use polyester thread that matches the bobbin.

    2. Note: These settings can be adjusted after you have test sewn on the extra interfacing. Look for even tension on both the top and the bottom of the test piece.

  7. Place the interfacing section with the design facing upward and slowly follow the outline on the traced image.

    1. Do not stop until you have completed the line.

    2. Do not cut the thread using the auto trimmer on the machine. Pull the bobbin thread up and cut both the top and bobbin thread leaving a six-inch tail.

    3. Tie a knot to keep the stitches intact. Repeat this step until all of the sections are stitched on the image.

  8. Remove the section from the machine. Make any adjustments to the upper tension and the width of the stitch if necessary.

  9. Cut another section from a solid fabric for the back side of the postcard. In the sample, an ecru color was used for the backing.

  10. Using the temporary spray adhesive, lightly spray the backside of the interfacing section.

    1. Place the solid fabric over the spread section and finger press smooth. Trim close to the outside edges to the desired size.

  11. Remove the bobbin work bobbin case and replace with the original case.

  12. Reset the tension on the machine.

  13. To finish the edges of the postcard, wind one bobbin with the same thread used on the top of the machine.

    1. This thread can match or coordinate with the colors in the fabric. Thread the machine and select an appliqué satin stitch.

    2. Set the width to 6.0mm and the length to .04mm. Satin stitch around the outer edge of the postcard.

  14. To create a stamp, cut out a small square from the fabric and attach to the backside of the card in the top right corner.

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