Project Reusable Popcorn Bag

By Denise Applegate Schober

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Create a reusable popcorn bag with this fun project tutorial. With only a few basic supplies and a serger or sewing machine, you will be enjoying a delicious bowl of popcorn in no time at all. Download the instructions here.

Watch the Facebook Live tutorial featuring Denise Schober and Sara Gallegos here.




  1. Preparation

    1. When selecting fabric - do not use metallic prints as they may harm your microwave or batiks as the wax could melt.

    2. Serger Option: Thread Baby Lock Serger for 3 Thread Overlock Wide, Stitch Selector – A, Stitch Length – 2.5, Stitch Width – M.

    3. On a scrap of fabric, test stitch and measure seam allowance. These settings should yield a ¼" seam allowance, adjust Stitch Width if necessary.

    4. Sewing Machine Option: Thread machine with 100% Cotton thread in top and bobbin. Select Center Needle Straight Stitch and attach the desired ¼" Foot.

  2. Construction

    1. Fold fabric in half right sides together and secure with Wonder Clips.

    2. Stitch along 3 open edges leaving a 3” opening on one side for turning.

    3. Turn right sides out, use point turner to create nice corners and press.

    4. Fold in half bringing the bottom edge 3” down from top edge.

    5. Fold the top 3” over the bottom hem line and press to set.

    6. Stitch both side seams using 1/4” seam allowance and secure beginning and end of seams and press to set.

    7. Box bottom corners by aligning bottom folded edge with one side seam, this will form a point.

    8. Measure 2” up from point and mark a line across the side seam.

    9. Stitch on marked line then trim off excess fabric in the point.

    10. Repeat with second side.

    11. Turn right sides out and press.

  3. Make Popcorn!

    1. Place ½ cup popcorn kernels in bag.

    2. Add Popcorn Salt to taste.

    3. Set Microwave for 4 minutes and turn on.

      *Tip: Do not walk away! Microwave heat varies so popping time will vary, prepare to remove popcorn from microwave before 4 minutes have elapsed.

    4. Once popping slows, remove from Microwave.

    5. Serve in bowl or reusable bag and enjoy your tasty treat!

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