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By Debbie Martinez

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Have you been interested in trying a new, more advanced technique? Try couching! Couching is a decorative threadwork technique in which threads, yarns or other fibers are laid across the quilt and fastened in place by the machine’s quilting thread. Create this gorgeous wall hanging using the Crown Jewel III and Creative Couching Foot Set. The three sizes of couching feet enable you to couch a wide variety of threads, yarns, ribbons and other fibers to add a special touch to your quilts. The result will give your home a unique touch and everyone will ask how you made it! Download printable instructions.


  • Baby Lock Creative Couching Set (BLQ - CCF)
  • Baby Lock Quarter inch foot
  • Black fabric 60" wide (or your choice of color)
  • Contrasting fabric for the borders
  • Iron - on batting
  • Varie gated yarn (brands like “I love this yarn”)
  • Silver metallic ribbon
  • Madeira silver thread
  • Madeira thread to match fabrics
  • Madeir a thread to match yarn
  • Black bobbin thread
  • Hot - fix or iron - on crystals (Optional)
  • Small craft ornament ballerinas ( Optional)
  • Fabric Glue (Optional)
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Quilt basting spray
  • Glue - stick
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Chalk
  • Chalk Pounce and Pattern Templates (optional)


  • Baby Lock Crown Jewel III with Pearl or Momentum Frame
  • Baby Lock ProStitcher Quilting Software or Channel Lock (BLJ18 - CL )
  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine


  1. Cut the center quilt piece 15 ½” X 43 ½” from the black fabric.

  2. Cut four 4" X WOF of the contrasting fabric for your borders .

  3. Using your Baby Lock sewing machine and the ¼” foot, sew the bo rde rs to the center piece to create the quilt top.

  4. Cut your backing fabric 6" larger all the way around tha n your bordered quilt top. (Approximately 35” X 63”)

  5. Cut your batting 2" larger all the wa y around then your bordered fabric quilt top.

  6. Load the backing on the quilt frame. The n layer your batting and the bordered center fabric .

    1. Note : You will load the quilt horizontally, even though the finished quilt will hang vertically.

    2. Tip : Load a separate piece of fabric off to the side of your project. Then you can test the tension, stitches and yarn couching techniques without stitching on your actual project.

  7. Thread your Baby Lock Crown Jewel III, with silver thread on the top and insert b lack bobbin thread. Make sure and test your thread tension on the test fabric (see Tip above) .

  8. Select a ½” basting stitch on the Crown Jewel III. Baste your quilt top fabric to the other layers.

  9. If using Pro - Stitcher, initiate the horizontal channel lock located under the Quilt menu.

  10. If using the Channel Lock accessory, attach the clip to the machine wheels to secure the front and back movement.

  11. Before stitching, mark black center fabric with chalk marker. Draw 1 and 1/2 inch lines with a chalk. Note: We are not channel quilting the border sections.

  12. Align the machine with the markings and quilt along the lines. Continue until all the horizontal lines are sewn.

  13. Determine the size of couching foot based on the size of the yarn you selected . For example, thinner yarn s use the small couching foot.

  14. Change from the standard Crown Jewel III hopping foot to the selected couching foot. Note: Make sure the needle is centered over the hole in the foot when securing the foot.

  15. Thread the machine with the Madeira thread to match the yarn.

  16. With the foot on and the machine threaded , take a few stitch es . Then, place your yarn agains t the back part of the couching foot’ s shaft. Take a few more stitches .

  17. Then move the machine out of the way while holding the yarn . This will wrap the thread around the yarn and help thread it through the center hole in the couching foot.

  18. Starting at the top left corner of your quilt top, start couching the yarn. Use any free-motion pattern or design. This is a free-form design and there are no mistakes.

    1. If you find that the yarn is not being sewn down, just go over it again with the yarn, filling in the empty spaces. This makes for a very interesting design.

    2. Note: This is a great project to use a design template from your stash and pounce the pattern to your fabric. Use the outline to trace your design.

  19. When all the quilting and couching is done, remove the quilted top off the frame.

  20. Press the piece to make sure it is flat . Square up the quilt top with a rotary cutter and ruler .

  21. After it is pressed and squared, spray - bast e the un - quilted boarders to the batting.

  22. Taking your silver ribbon and a ruler, measure from the edge of the border fabric and temporarily att ach the ribbon with a glue stick and or pins. Do th is all the way around.

  23. Secure your ribbon by sewing it onto the quilt using your Baby Lock sewing machine and the Madeira silver thread.

    1. This will give you a perfectly measured ribbon border between the black and contrasting fabric.

  24. Lightly press and remeasure quilt and square it up again to prepare for the binding.

  25. Cut 3 strips each 2 - 1/2 ” for the binding. Sew the strips together lengthwise and then fold in half . Press.

  26. Using your Baby Lock sewing machine and the quarter - inch foot, attach the binding to the back of the quilt making sure to miter corners.

  27. Flip the binding to the front and pin in place. Using your machine sew very close to the edge of binding.

  28. Add a sleeve for hanging .

  29. Use your creativity and Imagination to embellish your quilt to your desired liking. Add the iron-on crystals and use fabric glue or hand-sew on small ornaments to the quilt.

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