Project Sashiko Decorative Stitched Jacket

By Diane Kron

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Create a unique jacket with Sashiko decorative stitching! Follow a pattern or use a pre-bought coat and jazz it up with the simple, beautiful and distinguished Sashiko-stitched look. Download printable instructions.


  • Butterick® pattern #B6106 View C
  • Baby Lock Ultra-Soft Stabilizer
  • Madeira® Cotona thread for sewing to match the fabric
  • Madeira Frosted Matt Embroidery Thread (Pink)
  • Chalko™ Marking Pencil
  • 3” x 18” Straight edge ruler
  • Sew-On Snaps from Dritz® (Size 4)
  • 6 different buttons (size 7/8”)
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Brown linen fabric


  • Baby Lock® Sashiko quilting machine
  • Baby Lock Destiny II sewing and embroidery machine


  1. Follow the guide sheet from the pattern to layout and cut out the pattern pieces.

  2. Fuse the Baby Lock Ultra-Soft stabilizer to the backside of the Jacket front sections. This will help to stabilize the fabric when applying the Sashiko decorative stitches.

  3. Using the Chacko marking tool and the straight edge ruler to draw straight lines on both from sections of the jacket.

    1. The first line was placed approximately three inches from the center of the jacket. Place additional lines approximately 2” away from the first. In this project 5 lines were placed.

    2. Repeat for the front bands by fusing the stabilizer and drawing Chalko lines approximately 1” apart from each other. Repeat for all of the bands.

  4. Set up the Baby Lock Sashiko machine. Thread the machine using the Madeira Frosted Matt Embroidery thread while following the directions from manufacturer.

  5. Place the first section under the presser foot.

    1. Tip: Always take your first stitch in the fabric. Use the drawn lines as your guide for sewing a straight line while using the edge of the presser foot to run along that line.

  6. Set up the sewing machine for sewing. Piece the jacket together while following the pattern guide sheet.

  7. Before sewing the sleeves to the jacket, apply 6 rows of Sashiko stitches to the bottom edges on each of the sleeves. Continue on with the construction of the jacket.

  8. To complete the jacket, sew the snaps to the jacket then sew the buttons over the snaps.

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