This serger technique can be used in so many applications. Add a little touch of lace on the edges of tea towels and around the bottom of a little girl's dress with this technique using Baby Lock sergers. The results are amazing! Download printable instructions.


  • Items to be edged
  • 2 Spools decorative thread; Sulky Blendables 12 wt or 30 wt, YLI Designer 6, YLI Pearl Crown Rayon
  • 1 Spool all-purpose serger thread



  1. Machine Setup:

    Stitch length: standard 4 Width: 7.5 Needle: O1 Differential feed: N Blade locked Stitch selector: A

    1. Stitch length: standard 4

    2. Width: 7.5

    3. Needle: O1

    4. Differential feed: N

    5. Blade locked

    6. Stitch selector: A

  2. Row 1

    1. Determine if you prefer to use the raw edge or a folded pressed hem.

    2. With the right side of the fabric up, place the fabric underneath the foot (about 1/8" to the right of the needle) between the left and right needle marks on the Baby Lock serger foot.

    3. Serge on the edge of the fabric, making sure that there are loops hanging off of the fabric.

    4. Continue to serge along the edge of the fabric until you reach the end, cut the thread tails.

    5. This row is the base row for your Serger Crochet edge.

  3. Row 2

    1. Starting at the same place again, serge along the loops, catching the loop approximately in the middle. Keeps the loops as flat as possible.

  4. Row 3 +

    1. Repeat the procedure for Row 2 as many times as preferred, keeping the loops as flat as possible.

  5. Final Row

    1. Set the stitch length on 1. Serge along the edge of the loop on the last row. This will create a scalloped lace look on the edge of the previous serging.

  6. Note:

    1. For a smaller finished edge, add the final row directly to the base row of the serger crochet. For a larger edge, add more middle rows.

    2. Experiment with different thread brands, weights and colors to unleash your creative serging options.

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