Project Serger Crochet Witch Hat

By Joan Friedrich

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Bewitch your guests with this witch’s hat centerpiece! Using your Baby Lock serger, you can easily create this elegant Halloween décor.


  • Black cotton or sports cloth fabric
  • 1 Spool gold metallic embroidery thread
  • 2 Spools 12 wt black thread
  • 4 Spools Madeira® Aerolock Premium serger thread
  • Poster board or styrofoam floral cone


  • Baby Lock Triumph, Ovation, Evolution, Enlighten or Imagine serger


  1. Cut a triangle shape 16” tall x 26” wide at the base for the hat.

  2. Set up the serger for a four thread stitch.

  3. With right sides together serge the long side of the hat together.

  4. Set up the serger for a 3 Thread Wide stitch, Stitch Length: Standard 4, Width 7.5, Needle O, Differential Feed N, Blade Locked, Stitch Selector A.

  5. Thread the metallic embroidery thread through the needle.

  6. Add the serger crochet to the raw lower edge of the witch’s hat using the following method

    1. Row 1

      • With the right side of the fabric up, place the fabric at the seam underneath the foot and sergealong the edge of the fabric.Continue to serge along the edge of the fabric until you are at the seam again. Your seam will be the counting mark. • Move the fabric to the left so that the needle will fall in the middle of the previous row. The edge of the previous row should fall between the overlock needle 1 and 2 needle marks on the Baby Lock serger foot. • This row is the base row for your Serger Crochet edge.

    2. Row 2

      • Starting at the same place again,serge along the loops catching the loop approximately in the middle. Keep the loops as flat as possible. • Sew approximately 8 rows with this stitch length.

    3. Row 3 +

      • Repeat the procedure for Row 2 except adjust the stitch length to 3.5 and serge four rows. Then continue more rows. There were approximately 27 repeats on the witch’s hat shown. Keep the loops as flat as possible.

    4. Final Row

      • Set the stitch length on 1. Serge along the edge of the loop on the last row. This will create a scalloped lace look on the edge of the previous serging.

  7. Note:For a smaller finished edge, add the final row directly to the base row of the serger crochet. For a larger edge, add more middle rows.

    Experiment with different thread, weights and colors to unleash your creative serging options.

  8. To complete the decoration, cut a cone shape from poster board or insert a styrofoam floral cone inside the hat to make it stand up.

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