Project Serger-Made Children's Hoodie and Lounge Pants

By Kelly Laws

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Is your child or grandchild in love with a certain baby shark? Make a hooded sweatshirt and flannel lounge pants quickly and easily with your serger in their favorite fabric! The cozy fleece and flannel fabrics will keep your little one warm, cozy and comfy and they will love how fun this outfit is to wear!


  • Double-sided fleece
  • Flannel shark fabric
  • Madeira® Aerolock thread
  • Madeira® Aerofil thread for sewing
  • Dritz® drawstring threader
  • Basic Sewing Supplies



  1. Follow the pattern guide sheet and locate the pattern pieces for view B hooded sweatshirt.

  2. Next find the pattern pieces for the pants.

  3. Since this pattern is designed for stretch knits and I used flannel for the pants, I sized up to make sure the pants had enough gather and stretch at the waist.

  4. Follow the pattern directions for the layout and cutting of the fleece.

  5. Follow the guide sheet for the layout of the pants.

    1. Before you cut the pants check to make sure the print direction of the fabric design is facing the same way.

  6. Set up the serger for a 4-thread stitch using Madeira thread.

  7. All the seams will be constructed using a 4-thread stitch, use the markings on the cutting blade cover to gauge the seam allowance.

    1. The knife drive system will make cutting and seaming the thicker fabric easy.

  8. Set up the machine for sewing. Wind one bobbin using the same thread color that will be used for the project. Thread the machine.

  9. Attach the buttonhole foot make a buttonhole at the pattern noted marked location on each side of the hood. Set aside.

  10. Using the sewing machine- prepare the outer pocket.

  11. Pin the pocket in position and topstitch it to the center front of the fleece sweatshirt.

  12. Serge the back seam of the hood together.

  13. Serge the shoulder seams together.

  14. Using wonder clips position the hood to the sweatshirt and then serge it in place.

  15. Serge the sleeves in position with the side seams still open for the easiest sleeve insertion method.

  16. Once the sleeves are in place, serge the underside of the sleeve down to the side seams.

  17. Using the sewing machine, fold over and hem the sweatshirt at the bottom, both sleeves and around the hood using a simple topstitch.

  18. From remnants of shark fabric cut a long strip 1/14” wide by 22”.

  19. Fold the fabric right side together lengthwise and serge. This will be used for the drawstring.

  20. Using the drawstring tool, turn the drawstring right side out, and run it through the casing around the hood.

  21. For the pants serge the side seams of each leg.

  22. Place one leg inside the other right sides together and matching the seam. Serge from the waist seam to the crotch seam and around the curve to the waist again.

  23. Use the sewing machine, fold over a casing at the waist for the elastic.

  24. Fold over and topstitch to hem each leg.

  25. Then run the elastic through the casing of the pants also using the drawstring tool. Adjust the elastic to fit comfortably

  26. Secure the elastic using zigzag stitches on the sewing machine.

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