A simple stocking pattern can be taken from ordinary to extraordinary with a Baby Lock serger! By using a 4-thread overlock decorative thread in the looper position and stacking row on top of row of stitching, it is possible to create serger lace. A chain stitch and decorative thread can be used to create a grid pattern to make this Christmas project elegant. Combine these two techniques and add some crystals and a stunning stocking to hang on your holiday mantle is the end result. Download printable instructions.


  • Fabric Guide
  • Clear foot
  • Two 18” x 18” stocking fabric
  • Two 18” x 18” lining fabric
  • 2 Spools 12wt cotton thread
  • 1 Spool serger thread
  • Size 80 serger needles
  • Hot fix crystals and crystal setting tool
  • Chalk marker
  • Gridded cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Iron


  • Baby Lock Triumph, Ovation, Evolution Serger


  1. Print and enlarge stocking template according to measurements.

  2. Place the stocking front on a gridded cutting mat, wrong side up. Square one corner and side with the mat.

  3. From the corner measure over 2” and mark this point. From the same corner measure down 2” and mark this point. Connect these two points.

    1. From this marking, measure down 2” and mark a line. Repeat across the stocking front.

  4. Repeat the above set using the other corner and side.

  5. Set the serger for a chain stitch, placing the 12wt thread in the chain looper and the serger thread in the needle.

    1. The machine settings are as follows: C3 needle, stitch length 2.5, chain needle tension at 4, chain looper tension set at the narrow side of the chain stitch setting.

  6. Align the marks on the wrong side of the fabric with the raised notch needle position indicators on the presser foot. Stitch each line.

  7. Cut out the stocking front, back and both lining pieces using the pattern.

  8. Attach the fabric guide to the sewing table on the serger. The fabric guide will be the seam allowance guide.

  9. Place the lining pieces, right sides together and stitch around the stocking. Place the stocking front and back pieces, right sides together, and stitch around the stocking.

  10. Press the seams on both sides to set, and then press the seam allowance open. Trim the seam allowance to 1/8” around the heel and toe of the stocking. Do this for both the stocking and lining

  11. Turn the stocking right side out. Place the lining inside the stocking, wrong sides together, and match the fabric edges.

  12. Change the serger over to a wide overlock stitch using the following settings: O1 needle, stitch length 3, stitch width 7.5, stitch selector A, differential feed N, cutting blade locked.

    1. Attach the clear foot.

  13. Place the 12wt thread in both the upper and lower looper and serger thread in the needle.

  14. Stitch around the stocking and lining, joining them together. This is also the first row in the serger crochet lace.

  15. Add rows by placing the first mark on the presser foot on the edge of the last row stitched. Continue to stitch adding rows until the desired look is achieved.

  16. Add crystals to the stocking front using the crystal applicator wand.

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