Originally found only on letterman jackets and sweatshirts, sporty knit bands now appear also on blouses to highlight the Atheisure trend in fashion this year. All you need is some sporty ribbing and a Baby Lock serger to attach! Download printable instructions.


  • Blouse or jacket (store bought or home sewn)
  • 1/2 Yard of knit banding/ribbing
  • Scissors
  • Madeira® serger thread in a coordinating color
  • Pins


  • Baby Lock serger


  1. First measure the circumference of your wrist (here 15.5 cm/ 6 1/8″).

  2. Cut two cuff pieces from knit band: length = wrist circumference plus 2 cm(3/4″) for seam allowances (here 17.5 cm / 6 7/8″).

  3. On blouse, trim off lower edge of each sleeve, either to width of knit band orto approx. half this width, as we did, so that lower sleeve edges will be puffed.

  4. Fold each cuff, right side facing in, and stitch narrow edges together with a serger. Attention! Make sure that the pins do not hit the knife.

  5. Divide cuff into equal fourths and mark with straight pins.

    1. First fold at seam and mark opposite fold with pin. Then fold so that seam and pin meet and mark folds with pins.

  6. Divide lower edge of sleeve into equal fourths in same manner. Pin cuff to sleeve at the marked fourths, right sides facing, stretching cuff as needed.

  7. Now serge the cuff to the sleeve, stretched to match.

  8. Also try attaching leftover sporty trim to the hem of the blouse!

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