Create this patriotic wall hanging to display in your home! Plus, this project is great for practicing attaching buttons with your Baby Lock machine.

Download the project instructions here.


  • Neutral Thread in Top
  • Neutral Thread in Bottom
  • 80/12 needle
  • 50+ buttons various sizes
  • Jute cord (optional)
  • Blue Star Fabric
  • (3) Red Plaid Fabric Pieces
  • (2) Red Plaid Fabric Pieces
  • Fusible Batting
  • (2) Binding Strips
  • Backing
  • Top Background Fabric
  • Wooden or Metal Star (optional)



  1. Layer backing, batting and top background fabric. Iron and fuse to batting.

  2. Using a fabric marking pen mark center line across the 22” fabric background piece.

  3. Line up the bottom of one 16 ½” strip to the drawn line. Stitch in place with straight stitch or zig zag.

  4. Repeat for all strips leaving 1” between each strip aligning the right sides.

  5. Align star fabric to upper left corner and stitch around.

  6. Setup sewing machine for button sew on step:

    1. Select button sewing stitch.

    2. If your machine does not have this stitch, select zig zag.

      1. Drop feed dogs for 0 stitch length.
      2. Set stitch width to 3.5, it may need adjusting for holes in button.
  7. Stitch button on in open space between sewn strips.

  8. Trim the edges and bind as desired.

  9. Add wooden or painted star with jute. (optional)

  10. Tip: Add Fray Check to your buttons!

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