Create cute, custom labels to organize any room in your home using the frames and fonts built into your Baby Lock embroidery machine! Stitch out the label with your machine or add it with a fabric marker later. These labels are easy to make and you’ll want to add them to everything! Download printable instructions.


  • Embroidery thread & matching bobbin
  • Needles
  • Duck-billed appliqué scissors
  • 8” x 10” piece of felt
  • Fat quarter coordinating fabric
  • Pinking shears
  • Double-sided stick tape
  • Purchased fabric bins



  1. Create the shape of the label using built in frames.

    1. From the built-in embroidery designs, select the Frames.

    2. Choose a shape you like and select the Single Outline

    3. Click and Set and adjust the size to 2.50” x 4.0”

    4. Click Duplicate

    5. Center the new design so the two shapes are stacked on top of each other.

    6. Click Add

    7. Select the same shape but choose the satin stitch outline

    8. Click Set

    9. Adjust the size to approximately 2.55” x 4.05” (the size may be slightly different; you just want it to be slightly larger than the outline designs).

    10. Click Save

    11. Go to the embroidery screen, or if you wish to add text, follow the next steps.

  2. To add text (optional), click Add then Fonts and select a font you like.

    1. Type the first letter of your label and adjust size to medium

    2. Type out your entire label and touch set

    3. Click move and center the label in the frame

    4. Adjust the size if necessary

    5. Go to the embroidery screen

  3. Embroidery

    1. Hoop felt in a 5” x 7” hoop

    2. Insert a new needle and thread with the outline color of the label

    3. Wind a bobbin with thread that matches the felt and insert

    4. Stitch the first color. This will be the placement for your fabric.

    5. Press fabric well and place completely over the stitched line.

    6. Stitch color number two, the tack-down stitch.

    7. Remove the hoop and using duck billed appliqué scissors, carefully trim away excess fabric outside of the stitching line.

    8. Trim as close to the line as possible without cutting the stitching.

    9. Re-attach the hoop and stitch the third color, the finishing stitch.

    10. Change the thread color if desired and stitch the text.

  4. Finishing

    1. Once the design is complete, remove felt from the hoop.

    2. Using pinking shears, carefully cut 1/4” from all edges of the label.

    3. Apply double-sided stick tape to the back of the label and apply to your fabric bin!

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