Using the IQ Designer in the Baby Lock Valiant multineedle machine along with the ten new open fill designs, you will add texture and 3 dimensional accents to your project. Choose fabrics that match your décor or try new colors. Whatever colors or fabrics you choose, have fun! Click here to download instructions.


  • Baby Lock Stick-Tear, Tear-Away Stabilizer (BLT102)
  • Fold’ n Stitch Wreath pattern from Poorhouse Quilt Designs™
  • Soft and Stable by Annie’s™
  • Steam-a-Seam Lite II™
  • 1 Yard each of three coordinating cotton fabrics
  • Madeira Rayon embroidery thread
  • Invisible thread for bobbin


  • Baby Lock Valiant embroidery machine
  • Baby Lock sewing machine


  1. Follow Steps 1- 4 from the Fold’n Stitch Wreath pattern for cutting out the fabric sections. Do not complete the Appliqué Preparation Steps at this time. This will be done in a later step,

  2. Turn on the Valiant embroidery machine and follow the next set of steps to create the first embroidery design:

    1. Click on IQ designer icon.

    2. Click on the Shapes icon (as shown below in the red box).

    3. Select the square shape.

    4. To resize the shape to make it larger, click on the Size icon (as shown above with the arrow).

    5. Click on the icon with the arrows pointing outward (as shown in the above illustration inside the red box) several times, so that the size is 172 mm square. The size of the shape will be show

    6. Click on the icon as shown below in the red box.

    7. Click on the icon in highlighted in blue below with the red arrow to open the ten open fills.

    8. Select the 4th fill (as shown above). Click OK.

    9. Select the fill icon, as shown in the illustration above with the arrow. Click inside the square in the center of the screen to fill the area with the fill stitch.

    10. Click on Next, Preview and then Set.

    11. The design will now be on the embroidery screen.

    12. Click on Edit End and then Embroidery.

    13. Click on the Pocket on the work space to save the design. This works great if you can’t finish all of the sew outs in one sitting.

  3. Set up the machine for embroidery:

    1. Place a new bobbin in the bobbin case.

    2. Thread the machine with the desired Madeira embroidery thread.

    3. Cut a piece of the Baby Lock Stick-Tear, Tear-Away Stabilizer larger than the hoop.

    4. Hoop the stabilizer with the shiny side up.

    5. Score the edge of the stabilizer.

    6. Remove the covering from the stabilizer.

    7. Place the first fused foam square that was created in steps 1- 4 in the center of the hoop, with the fabric side up. Finger press around the square to secure to the stabilizer.

    8. Embroider the design on the square.

    9. Repeat for remaining 11 foam squares.

  4. Continue on with Steps 5 - 7 from the Fold’n Stitch Wreath pattern.

  5. To create the Appliqué sections, follow Step 2 with the following exceptions:

    1. Use the default size setting for the square. (157.3mm x 157.3mm)

    2. Select the following open fill stitch

    3. Proceed to the embroidery field.

  6. Hoop the stabilizer and place the 5” appliqué square fabric in the center of the hoop.

  7. Place the hoop on the embroidery unit and embroider the design. Repeat for the other 11 squares.

  8. Cut twelve 5” sections from the Steam-a-Seam II.

  9. Fuse the Steam-a-Seam Lite II sections to the back of the embroidered 5” squares.

  10. Using the sewing machine, wind a bobbin with the invisible thread.

  11. Thread the machine with a contrasting thread for the top.

  12. Continue on beginning with Step 9 to finish the project through to the end.

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