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Instructor: Linda Pacini

Baby Lock Sewing Upgrade

Take the creative capabilities of your Baby Lock Unity, Journey, Crescendo or Aria machine to new heights with this all-New Software Upgrade. Learn about how to purchase the upgrade, how to install, and what the new features are with instructor Linda Pacini.

Video Length: 15:58 minutes

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    Aria is a Great machine for sewing and quilting.
    Love my Aria. I purchased it new (along with extension table and spool stand) so I have had it for many years. This is 2023 and I have never had any problems with it other then a few operator mistakes which were easy to solve thanks to the clear and comprehensive instruction guide. It is easy to clean and maintain. It came with the knee lifter, duel feed foot, 2 quilting feet, echo quilting foot, 1/4" piecing foot, plus all the feet and accessories needed for general sewing. The extra length under the arm plus the extension table has given me room to try more quilting designs. I know there are newer models then mine but are still comparable so perhaps this review will help someone looking for this machine style and size. It is, however, a testimony to the versatility, quality and longevity of this style of Baby Lock machine. My sister has a Baby Lock serger. She also has a sewing machine with the same capabilities and size as mine that is two models earlier then mine. It is still problem free in 2023 and used as her primary machine. That was my inspiration for making a Baby Lock sewing machine purchase.

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