I would like to do the "Blanket stitch" that is on ready to wear garments and blankets. Can I do this with my Evolution or Ovation?

Yes, it can be done with the Baby Lock Evolution or Ovation serger models. Here are the general directions to set up your serger model for achieving a blanket stitch.

Settings for Evolution or Ovation Sergers:

  • Three thread flatlock stitch
  • Needle thread: Wooly nylon, Monet or your choice of decorative thread.
  • Upper Looper: serger thread
  • Lower Looper: serger thread

Cut a narrow strip of Sulky water soluble stabilizer and place along edge of fabric and serge the stabilizer into the flatlock stitch. Pull the stabilizer to the edge of the fabric and tear away. This action pulls the stitching into the blanket stitch.

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