Why register my Baby Lock machines, sergers and Gold Standard or Love of Sewing?

There are a number of reasons you would want to have a Baby Lock products registered:

  • To register your machine, serger, Gold Standard or Love of Sewing for warranty purposes
  • So an authorized Baby Lock dealer can check your registered product information when you take it in for service and will then be able to determine what is covered by the Baby Lock warranty
  • There may be times Baby Lock may send you special offers and information based on Baby Lock products you registered
  • For your future reference should you need it

How do I register my Baby Lock machine, serger and/or Gold Standard or Love of Sewing?

  1. Login to your Baby Lock Account
  2. From the Dashboard, click the Register a New Machine
  3. Enter the information, select Validate

What design formats does my Baby Lock multi-needle machine read?

All of  the Baby Lock multi-needle machines (EMP/BMP6/BMP8/BMP9/BND9/BNT10 /BNT10L)  can read a design in .pes or .dst format. The design(s) can be sent to the machine directly from the computer via the special cable that came with your machine; you can put the design(s) on a floppy, an embroidery card or USB stick-depending on which model you have.

Why is it that when I use a DST (tajima) embroidery file the colors are not correct?

DST (tajima) embroidery files do not have colors assigned to the sections. You can go to your embroidery software or in your machine and change the colors the design if desired. Remember you can put any thread color in your machine.

What kind of bobbin thread should I use in my Baby Lock multi-needle machine?

Click here for a useful chart that contains bobbin thread recommendations for all Baby Lock embroidery machine models (EMP/BMP6/BMP8/BMP9/BND9/BNT10/BNTL). We feel using the recommended bobbin thread will give you the best results.

There is a sound when the machine stops between colors like the thread is being cut underneath, but when I look on the back of the embroidery design, there are still jump threads.

The jumpthreads are from the hoop moving in different areas of the design when using the same color thread. The machine is cutting the top and bottom thread at the end of each color.

Fabric doesn't seem to stay tightly hooped in the jumbo hoop. Is there anything I can do to minimize this problem?

Hoop your fabric and stabilizer as you would normally. Then take a piece of sticky stabilizer and put it under the hoop and wrap it around and over the outside edge if the hoop. The will help keep your fabric taut.

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