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Previous Model - What inspires you? Inspiration is different for everyone. It could be from your family, surroundings or even an emotion. It's something that stands apart form everything else. It makes you feel. It makes you imagine. And for sewers, embroiderers and quilters, inspiration is what drives you to create - it plants an idea into your imagination and grows it into a work of art. Make your inspiration a reality with the Ellisimo.

Number of Needles : 5
Additional Materials

Additional Materials

  1. Ellisimo (BLSO) Instruction and Reference Guide

  2. Ellisimo (BLSO) Quick Reference Guide

  3. Ellisimo (BLSO) USB Media Reference Chart

  4. Ellisimo (BLSO) OnScreen Designer Practice Sheet

  5. Ellisimo (BLSO) OnScreen Designer Reference Guide

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Compatible Accessories

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