Why register my Baby Lock machines, sergers and Gold Standard or Love of Sewing?

There are a number of reasons you would want to have a Baby Lock products registered:

  • To register your machine, serger, Gold Standard or Love of Sewing for warranty purposes
  • So an authorized Baby Lock dealer can check your registered product information when you take it in for service and will then be able to determine what is covered by the Baby Lock warranty
  • There may be times Baby Lock may send you special offers and information based on Baby Lock products you registered
  • For your future reference should you need it

How do I register my Baby Lock machine, serger and/or Gold Standard or Love of Sewing?

  1. Login to your Baby Lock Account
  2. From the Dashboard, click the Register a New Machine
  3. Enter the information, select Validate

What is the best way to do stippling or free motion quilting on a Baby Lock machine without a stitch regulator?

Increase your stitching speed, decrease your tension, and lengthen your stitch.  Experiment with the settings and speed until you get 'the hang of it' and the desired results.

We have a great and Bonus Sew at Home OnDemand (pre-recorded) class just that subject and is called "Free Motion Quilting with your Baby Lock?" Click here for a link to the Sew at Home OnDemand website and order this FREE video class today! Note you will need to set-up an account on this website, even if you have a Baby Lock website profile, they are different.

How do I know which techniques require the use of the foot pedal and which ones I can use the "Start/Stop" button?

If it is a technique such as stippling or free motion embroidery you will need your hands to guide the fabric, using the foot pedal is usually the best. When doing simple seaming, you do not have to guide the fabric as much, using the "Start/Stop" button is very convenient. When you need more control over your fabric using the foot pedal is always the best idea. Keep in mind, when using a machine with an embroidery unit attached, you will need to have the foot pedal disconnected.

What is the best way to stitch a buttonhole in polar fleece with my Baby Lock sewing machine?

Select a buttonhole where the stitch length is not extremely tight or dense. Then, be sure to stabilize the area you will be stitching your buttonhole to avoid any excessive stretching.

When using the large decorative quilting stitches  with monofilament thread in the needle and cotton thread in the bobbin, my stitch is not balanced. What should I do?

Since the thread you are using in the needle will be a slightly thinner and finer texture thread, you would need to tighten your upper tension to compensate the difference.

How do I prevent my holiday velvets and velveteens from sliding when sewing?

Use the walking foot when sewing velvets and velveteens. That will help prevent the sliding or crawling of the fabric.

I am trying to hem sheer curtains and the fabric is puckering. Can I blind hem sheer curtains?

  1. Try loosening the tension.
    2. Fold the hem twice for more support.
    3. Try using a smaller needle. Suggestion: size 9
    4. Use a finer thread such as cotton embroidery thread for an almost invisible hem.

I find that when I am stitching on fabrics with a nap, such as terry cloth or velvet, I don't seem to get the same fabric coverage as I had been using the default setting for the density.

First, you should be using a water soluble stabilizer/topping on the top of your fabric along with your regular stabilizer underneath. This will give a smooth surface for the stitches to form on. Click here to check out the Baby Lock stabilizers.

If you are using a water soluble stabilizer and still having this problem, increase your density a little, depending on the size of the design area you are filling. A larger area can handle more density than a small area.

You may want to watch some of our Sew at Home OnDemand classes, such as "First Steps in Embroidery - A Stabilizer Conversation" or "Embroidery Recipe for Success". There are also a variety of Palette classes, too.

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