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  • Automatic Thread Tension Control
  • 293 Built-In Embroidery Designs
  • On-Screen Embroidery Editing
Included with Purchase

A comprehensive service, support, and maintenance program as well as unlimited access to over 1,000 sewing education videos.  We require this with all machine purchases through BabyLock.com because we believe strongly in maintaining the quality and ensuring your continued success with our machines.  

To purchase a BabyLock machine without requiring this plan, visit your local Baby Lock retailer

A comprehensive service, support, and maintenance program as well as unlimited access to over 1,000 sewing education videos.  We include this with all machine purchases through BabyLock.com because we believe strongly in maintaining the quality and ensuring your continued success with our machines.  

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your machine will be taken care of through the Baby Lock Love of Sewing Membership, a service, support and education membership. Through the membership you’ll receive yearly maintenance and support, by Baby Lock certified technicians, and unlimited access to online classes taught by Baby Lock Education experts. We include this membership with select machine purchases through BabyLock.com because we believe in maintaining your machine and enhancing your sewing journey.


By using Design Database Transfer, you can easily send your designs from your computer to the machine. Also, when WLAN connection is enabled, you will receive notifications when new updates are available for your machine.


Threading a needle has never been easier than with this innovative threader. With just a few simple motions, your needle is threaded and ready to use - it’s so easy, you can do it with one hand!

6-1/4″ X 10-1/4″ EMBROIDERY FIELD

Stitch bigger embroidery designs and enjoy less re-hooping with a large embroidery field - 6-1/4″ x 10-1/4″.


Personalize your projects with lettering. Choose from 14 built-in fonts and edit them like other designs. You can even choose individual letters to make changes and create something unique.


Add your own unique touch to every project with the Baby Lock Flare embroidery machine. Packed with user-friendly features and technology, you’ll easily access and edit designs, embroidery fonts and more all in one place.

The Baby Lock Flare embroidery machine features include:

  • 6-1/4" x 10-1/4" Embroidery Field
  • 293 Built-In Embroidery Designs
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for Design Database Transfer - Click here to learn more and download software.
  • 14 Built-In Embroidery Fonts
  • Advanced Needle Threader
On-Screen Editing : 1
Rotation Capability : 1
Total Number of USB Ports : 1
Combine Designs : 1
Number of USB Type A Ports : 1
Data Input Types : .pes, .phc, .dst
Built-In Fonts : 14
Frame Patterns : 140
Number of Needles : 1
Built-In Designs : 293
Embroidery Pattern Memory : 1
Maximum Embroidery Field Size : 6.25" x 10.25"
Machine Weight Only : 20 lbs
Embroidery Speed : 850 SPM
Weight with Embroidery Unit : 27 lbs
Number of Hoops Included : 2
Additional Materials

Additional Materials

  1. Flare (BLMFL) USB Media Chart

  2. Flare (BLMFL) Embroidery Design Guide

  3. Flare (BLMFL) Instruction and Reference Guide

  4. Flare (BLMFL) Quick Reference Guide

  5. Flare (BLMFL) Spec Sheet

  6. Flare (BLMFL) Fiche Technique

  7. Flare (BLMFL) Addendum for Version 1.60

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Compatible Accessories

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85 % of 100
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  1. 80%
    Beginner Embrodiery
    I am loving the machine, I do wish the data transfer infor was more detailed.
  2. 80%
    Off to a bad start!
    I would have given this a 5 if I hadn't struggled so much with Design Database Transfer. The Flare manual gave me a link to download it. The link was bad. So I did a search for it in the Babylock website. It showed me machines that had it and classes for it - but no download. And the Flare description itself says "click here" to get it.... but there is no clickable link. I tried on firefox and chrome and watched a few youtube videos, but they were all doing just what I did - but they got better results! I finally found someplace on the site to download it, but when I went to install it, Windows Defender told me that it might not be safe. I looked a little closer and thought... hmm... why wouldn't Babylock have put in their name in so the publisher didn't show up as 'unknown'? Or why not warn us in the manual? But I found a YouTube video where she told us not to worry about it, and she disabled her own virus checker after telling Windows Defender to go ahead, so I figured it must really be safe. Once I got past that, though, I have been VERY happy! Now, true, I had a Brother before this so I had a basic background for what to do, but I have tried other brands, and I always end up with a Brother or Babylock because their options just make sense, unlike some of the other brands where, when I ask a friend for help and they give me the answer, I have to look at them to see if they are kidding because it just seems so roundabout. I love the threader, I love how I can set what brand of thread I am using and if I would rather see color names or color numbers since it can be really hard to tell the difference between dark green, dark blue, dark brown, and black on the machine. But I wouldn't ALWAYS want to see color names because some of them can be bizarre (tamarack, ming). I love how easily it stitches and how smooth the stitches are, even when there are letters with tiny fonts. I REALLY love how easy it is to use the design database transfer and that the designs go away when I turn off my machine, so I don't have to remember to delete them. They only thing that is going to take some adjustment for me is that when it moves to a new area to embroider the same color, it doesn't go straight there - it seems to go to the nearest side of the hoop and THEN go to where it needs to go. I panic every time it embroiders the mouth of an animal and then goes to the bottom of the hoop, when I KNOW that the next thing it is going to do is the eyes. I would highly recommend this machine. It is easy enough for a beginner, but the 6x10 hoop is big enough for more advanced users.
  3. 100%
    I simply love my little machine. This is for travel to and from classes, ME club activities. It works great - no issues for almost 3 years. Very intuitive to work, stitch-outs are clean.
  4. 80%
    Very nice and also quiet
    I am not an experienced embroiderer, but I have worked on other machines, and for the price of this machine I am very happy. It is and easy machine to work with, stitches nicely, and I don't feel the embroidery attachment vibrates a lot. I would really love it if it clipped the top stitches closer, but this is not a deal breaker.

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