How many built-in designs are available?

The Pathfinder come with 263 built-in designs

How do I use the sensor pen to position my embroidery?

Use the Sensor Pen to assign the design’s positioning and placement. Simply touch the fabric with the Sensor Pen and the Pathfinder knows where to place the design.

Where do I set-up my new Love of Knowledge Membership?

CLICK HERE. Select “Login/Register” farther down on the page. Select “Create an account” button. Complete the information requested including the Love of Knowledge access code. and click hte "Create Account" button.

Where can I find updates for my machine?

You can find updates and manuals for your machine on our machine support page, or by going to its product page. You can find machine product pages by searching for a machine name or model number, or by going to our machines page and browsing.

How do I submit a rebate?

If you've purchased a product that qualifies for a rebate, you can submit it on our rebates site.

Does Baby Lock make embroidery design collections or embroidery cards any longer?

No we no longer produce embroidery designs under the Baby Lock name. We recommend you visit the Amazing Designs or Nancy's Notions websites.

Why register my Baby Lock machines, sergers and Gold Standard or Love of Sewing?

There are a number of reasons you would want to have a Baby Lock products registered:

  • To register your machine, serger, Gold Standard or Love of Sewing for warranty purposes
  • So an authorized Baby Lock dealer can check your registered product information when you take it in for service and will then be able to determine what is covered by the Baby Lock warranty
  • There may be times Baby Lock may send you special offers and information based on Baby Lock products you registered
  • For your future reference should you need it

I have seen the Candlewicking stitch by sewing machine. How do I do this?

Any sewing machine with the "Button Stitch" to sew on buttons can do this easily.

  • Machine Setting:Button Stitch
  • Stitch Width: 2.5
  • Stitch Length: 0 (or as low as it will go)
  • Foot: Pearl Foot
  • Lower Feed Dogs
Stitch the "Button Stitch" three times in place. This will create a nice knot that resembles Candlewicking. Move to next knot location.By using the Button Stitch, the knot is "tied off" automatically.

What do I need to do if I have stored my machine for a long period of time and want to take it out and sew with it?

If you prepared your machine properly for storage by oiling it well to keep rust from attacking it, there are a couple of things you will want to do before using it on your project. First, remove the bobbin, race, and ring. Wipe all the parts with a dry cloth. Replace the bobbin parts and bobbin. Then sew, on a scrap of fabric first. When you think you machine should be oiled, oil the bobbin area. Run your machine with outout thread a minute, and wipe out excess oil. That should keep the oil from soiling the thread and fabric you are sewing.

I would like to use the paper prewound bobbins with my embroidery machine. What brand do you suggest I use?

We do not suggest using paper prewound bobbins. The thread is wound very tight, and is not a good quality thread. When the bobbin is running low the tension can be effected.

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