Baby Lock Partners are groups, sewing personalities, non-profits, brands, project-focused creators, and rising social media makers. In most cases, they are looking to Baby Lock for collaboration on their initiatives and ideas. In turn, they have the opportunity to partner directly with the brand on key brand initiatives as their schedule allows.



ZANDRA SHAW | Hoop Fun Club, Beyond the Frame & EmbroiderShoppe 

Embroidery Expert Zandra Shaw, of the Embroider Shoppe, focuses on various techniques that include organza, applique, lace, patches and 3D flower embroidery. Her philosophy: “Don’t hoop yourself in! There is life beyond the small hoop.”

Beyond the Frame is a FREE Education program which features a monthly embroidery design and education to help you build your skills and become a successful embroiderer!  You are invited to access the free content on your own or join Zandra and her sister Mila on the third Thursday of every month at 11:00 am CST or 6:00 pm CST for a live webinar that teaches the project.  There are opportunities to win free prizes during the broadcast.  Click the button below to find out more!

Gudrun Erla | GE Designs

Gudrun is the founder, designer and owner of GE Designs and was born and raised in Iceland. She started quilting at the age of 23. After owning and running quilt shops in her home country and designing patterns along the way, quilting brought her to Minnesota in 2003. Since then Gudrun has been designing full time, publishing patterns and books from just west of the Twin Cities.

Gudrun loves to take traditional ideas and put a little bit of a modern spin on them. All her patterns and books are geared toward today’s quilt makers, easy and innovative with a modern touch. She has published patterns and books as well as designed groundbreaking tools for quilting for years, including the best selling Stripology rulers.

Karlee Porter | Graffiti Quilting

Best known for her world-renowned Graffiti Quilting style, Karlee is an internationally recognized quilting fiend who is constantly pushing the boundaries in the quilting world. She loves to look for new and innovative ways to push her quilting machine to the limits, and relishes in bringing other quilting enthusiasts along with her in that process. She is her student’s biggest cheerleader! She prides herself in creating out of the box designs, and especially loves to create designs that are the perfect balancing act between versatile and beautifully intricate. Karlee’s bread and butter involvement in the quilting world is her hit free-motion quilting course, Graffiti Quilting. Get more information at

Vanessa Fromm | Fabic Confetti


Vanessa has always been passionate about drawing, sewing, fabrics, and colors. After earning a BFA in medical illustration from RIT, she worked as a graphic designer for Bell Laboratories and later American Express in New York City. It was during this time that she took a quilting class with Eleanor Burns and became captivated by the craft .

In 2000, her family relocated to Arizona from London, where she lived since that time. This move opened up new opportunities, and she discovered the art of digitizing, allowing her to combine my illustration skills with embroidery. In 2012, Vanessa founded Fabric Confetti, initially focusing on creating layered designs using fabric confetti, but the line has since evolved.

As a Baby Lock partner, she enjoys teaching machine embroidery in person and online. Join Vanessa as she continues to explore and share the world of machine embroidery appliqué.


Embroidery Expert Zandra Shaw, of the Embroider Shoppe, focuses on various techniques that include organza, applique, lace, patches and 3D flower embroidery. Her philosophy: “Don’t hoop yourself in! There is life beyond the small hoop.

SALIMA JAFFER | Enhancing Your IQ With Salima Jaffer

After being around the store and sewing industry for most of my life, Salima joined the AAA Sewing & Fabric store in 1996 and soon realized that she wanted to make sewing her full-time career. Salima specializes in creating educational programs and events. A couple of years ago, Baby Lock and Salima worked together to launch the Enhancing Your IQ Series. This series is focusing on teaching the creative techniques available through IQ Designer. Each volume contains a video lesson, six PDF projects, and embroidery files.

EVY HAWKINS | A Bit of Stitch

Evy has been sewing since she was a child. During the course of her career, she has been a couturiere, a women's wear designer, a freelance embroidery designer, shop owner, children's wear designer/manufacturer and a graphic artist. She currently designs and digitizes her embroidery designs and creates projects, patterns, and more at her website, A Bit of Stitch. Evy also enjoys teaching classes across the United States at local Baby Lock retailers.

DEB CANHAM | Deb Canham Studio

Deb Canham has spent the last 20 years designing and working with her own factory in China and working as a Consultant to garment factories improving their quality control through education and developing simple, methodical systems. Since retiring from travelling to China, Deb has focused on the serger for home use designing projects, patterns, courses and videos to encourage serger owners to “play” and develop confidence with their machines

CATHERINE BELL | Sew Simple Sewing

Catherine Bell is a fashion designer based out of Lawrence, KS. After completing college in 2015 she opened PROPERWEAR with her mother, a custom apparel, alteration and embroidery shop. Not long after, Sew Simple Sewing was born. A sewing program for children and adults to learn the art of sewing and designing. The students learn how to understand the sewing machine, basic techniques, how to read patterns, and construct clothing. Sewing exclusively on Professional Baby Lock sewing machines. They complete projects, have fun and learn a life needed skill. For Catherine, sewing is so much more than her livelihood. She gets to do what she loves every single day and inspire others to create. It is a career, but Catherine finds her actual work to be a stress reliever and mentally relaxing.


Shannon Fabrics is a fabric wholesaler that believes that fostering meaningful relationships is just as important as selling fabric. Check out their Sew Together Tuesday segment with National Educator Teresa Coates to create fun projects with their fabrics on Baby Lock sewing machines.


Riley Blake Designs is one of the most well-known fabric brands in the sewing industry. They make a wide selection of beautiful fabrics, including flannels, cotton, and knits. Head over to their YouTube channel to watch fun project tutorials created with Baby Lock sewing machines.


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