Jul 26, 2010

Pearl & Piping Foot

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I love trying different feet for my sewing machine it's always an adventure and I learn a lot. My latest find is the Pearl & Piping Foot from Baby Lock.

I recently used this foot to attach a string of beads to a project I've been slowly working on. My confidence had me overly hyped about how easy this would be -- I can do it in no time this will only take a second! Little did I know...

After several needle breaks jamming the machine (which causes an awful noise) and all of my patience I finally finished. Here is what I learned:

  • Reduce the pressure on the presser foot (you can do this in the settings for you machine consult you manual for assistance)
  • You made need to raise the presser foot depending on the size of your beads/pearls/piping
  • Use a zig-zag stitch that is slightly wider than your beads/pearls/piping
  • When going around corners and making turns widen or lengthen your stitch
  • Sew slowly it isn't a race
  • Consider wearing safety eyewear just in case you do break a needle (or in my case three) -- you don't want it to fly back and hit you in the eye (or in my case the cheek and nose)

Want to see this foot in action? Watch this short video.

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