Jun 5, 2019

Quilted Sunglasses Case

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Looking for a great scrap buster project? Try this scrappy quilted sunglasses case from ModKid's Patty Young! This case is perfect for protecting your sunglasses in your car or purse and you can customize it with fabrics and quilting style.


  • 1/8 yard of 3 fabrics or scraps
  • 1/8 yard batting
  • 1/8 yard lining
  • Contrasting or complementary thread



  1. Cut the following:

    1. (4) 1.5” x 4” from fabric #1

    2. (4) 1.5” x 4” from fabric #2

    3. (4) 1.5” x 4” from fabric #3

    4. 2 batting 4” x 7”

    5. 1 back 4” x 7” from fabric #2

    6. 2 lining 4” x 7” from lining fabric

  2. Seam allowances should be 1/4". Draw a line down the center of one batting piece in the long direction.

  3. Take two fabric #1 strips. Align one short end with the long side of the coordinating piece at a 90 degree angle. Stitch the short end to the long side creating a V.

    1. Flip both strips right side up. Press the seam toward the right side of the V.

  4. Align the points of the color #1 V with the center line at the top of the batting with the right side of the V up.

    1. The top of the V should be at the top center of the batting. The bottom of the V should be aligned with the center mark. Pin in place.

  5. Align a color #2 strip with the long side of the V containing the seam right sides together. Stitch along the long side through the layers and batting. Press open.

  6. Place a color #2 strip right sides together along the opposite side aligning the short end and long side. Stitch along the long side. Press open.

  7. Continue repeating this pattern until all strips are sewn and the batting is covered. The last strips will cover only a corner of the batting.

  8. Flip the braid wrong side up and trim along the batting edges creating a 4” x 7” front.

  9. Place the remaining batting on the wrong side of the back fabric. Quilt the back by stitching rows at 1” spacing. Or quilt as desired.

  10. Sew front to back right sides together on 3 sides making sure the top of the V is at the opening pivoting at the corners and backstitching at beginning and end.

    1. Clip corners and turn right sides out.

  11. Repeat for the lining pieces leaving a 2” opening in the short end of the lining. Backstitch at each side of the opening to secure.

    1. Clip corners but leave wrong sides out.

  12. Slide the exterior of the case into the lining so that right sides are facing. Align the raw edges of the opening and the side seams.

    1. Finger press the seam allowances open to reduce bulk. Stitch around the opening.

  13. Turn the case right sides out through the opening. Stitch the opening closed by hand with a slip stitch or by machine with a 1/8” edge stitch.

  14. Push lining into case and press around the opening.

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