Jun 10, 2009

Recycled T-Shirt Pillow

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Last year my son Ben got this really cool Jack Skellington t-shirt from his sister for Christmas. It instantly became his favorite t-shirt I mean in our family Jack is a superstar! He was very upset when he out grew it almost as fast as it became his favorite. He really didn't want to part with it. So...I took a trip in my way-back machine and thought of something I did when I was younger to some of my favorite t-shirts...I turned them into pillows!

Just take any t-shirt...

Turn it inside out and stitch the sleeves and bottom closed...

Stuff and zig-zag the neck opening closed and waa-laa!

This makes a great throw pillow for your bed travel pillow or sleep-over pillow. It's so easy even kids can do it!

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