Jul 23, 2008

Recycling Old Pairs Of Jeans

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One of my first experiences with sewing - and recycling for that matter - was in 6th Grade Camp. Before we left each student had to make a bag out of an old pair of blue jeans. It was so simple: cut off a leg sew up one end hem and fold over the other and voila!

The other day I stumbled across this great post on Life Hackery about reusing blue jeans. You'll find links to 25 great projects - and like that bag from 6th grade some are so simple and yet incredibly practical and useful. My Grandma freaked out when I told her about Idea #1 - making draft stoppers for your doors out of jeans legs. I think that is what I am getting for Christmas.

Need further convincing? I'll give you four words:


Jeans pocket with flowers on it

How cute is that? How seriously cute and practical and useful and cute? This makes me want to put pockets on everything. Visit Life Hackery for a link to that and plenty of other cool projects that you can make out of jeans.

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