Allen Design Pink Serger Clock

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A whimsical and unique timepiece, produced in a limited-edition run by Allen Designs and inspired by the iconic Baby Lock serger. Perfect for sewing enthusiasts and crafters, this clock captures the essence of your favorite sewing machine with delightful details and vibrant colors.

The Allen Designs Serger Clock features:

  • Playful Design: With its charming serger-inspired shape, this clock adds a touch of creativity and fun to any space.
  • Hand-Painted Details: Each clock is meticulously hand-painted, showcasing intricate features and vibrant hues that bring the serger to life.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Made from durable materials, the clock is built to last, ensuring it remains a cherished piece in your collection for years to come.
  • Silent Movement: Equipped with a silent quartz movement, this clock keeps accurate time without the distraction of ticking.
  • Perfect Gift: An ideal gift for sewing enthusiasts, crafters, or anyone who appreciates unique and artistic home decor.

Bring the joy of sewing into your home with the Allen Designs Serger Clock. It’s not just a timekeeper; it’s a celebration of creativity and passion for sewing.

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