Feb 24, 2020

Stay in the Zone with the M Class Bobbin!

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Lindsay Conner of Lindsay Sews tell us why the M class bobbin is her favorite accessory!

My favorite quilting accessory is my bobbin. The large “M” class bobbins for Baby Lock longarm quilting machines save me so much time and potential frustration. Let me explain…

I love how I can fill up three or four “M” class bobbins before I begin free-motion quilting. I keep them nearby to replace as needed which is much less often than if I were quilting on a standard sewing machine with regular-size bobbins.

When you’re in the zone listening to your favorite quilting music and getting the pattern just right it’s a shame to have to interrupt the flow and refill your bobbin. It’s absolutely liberating to not have to worry about changing the bobbin a dozen times!

Because I have a variable-speed bobbin winder box (a separate bobbin winder that came with my longarm quilting machine) that means I don’t have to unthread my machine or interrupt my project just in case I miscalculated the number of bobbins needed.

Here’s a tip! The intricacies of longarm sewing and correct tension depend on having proper bobbins. If you ever drop your metal bobbin on a hard floor or otherwise abuse it take a close look at it to make sure it hasn’t been damaged. Just a little warp to those edges and you could notice a difference in your quilting. If you see damage just head to your local Baby Lock retailer where you can inexpensively re-stock !

Happy quilting!

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