Oct 7, 2021

Trick or Treat Halloween Pillow and Table Runner

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Dress up your home with a Halloween pillow and table runner! We even included the Trick or Treat pumpkin appliqué design so you can add it to any project you would like.

Click here to download the printable instructions with additional photos. Click here to download the free Trick or Treat pumpkin appliqué design.


  • Baby Lock Embroidery Machine
  • 5" x 7" or 6" x 10" embroidery hoop
  • Trick or Treat pumpkin appliqué
  • Pillow Blank or Table Runner
  • Coordinating decorative embroidery thread
  • Black and orange embroidery glitter or heat transfer vinyl with backing removed
  • Baby Lock Stabilizer Stick-Tear Stabilizer or Baby Lock Stabilizer Tear Away Firm and Mettler Web Bond spray or other adhesive spray
  • Marking pen or Frixion Pen
  • Ruler
  • Pins (optional)


Hooping your pillow:

  1. Gather all of your supplies for the project.
  2. Cut your stabilizer a little larger than your hoop of choice.
  3. Place the stabilizer inside the hoop and carefully spray the stabilizer with temporary adhesive spray.
  4. With marking pen measure and mark the center of the pillow form. A Frixion pen was used for this project. The ink from this pen can be easily removed using an iron after you complete the project. You may want to test on your fabric for optimal finished results.
  5. Float the pillow on top of the stabilizer to hoop the pillow. Floating means that you hoop the stabilizer only and then place (float) the pillow on top of the hooped stabilizer.
  6. When purchasing a pillow blank it is ideal if your pillow has a zipper opening. Unzip the pillow cover and remove any pillow insert.
  7. . You may have to turn your pillow inside out to help float the pillow cover. If that does not give you the desired space you can also rip out the stitching on a portion of the pillow cover to make it easier to hoop. If this is done you will need to re-sew the pillow once the embroidery is completed.
  8. Place your hooped pillow onto your machine. Check to make sure any excess pillow fabric is clear of the hoop and needle area.
  9. Thread your machine with the thread color of choice.

Stitching your embroidery: 10. From the Home screen your machine select icon to retrieve your design from the USB or storage device. 11. Complete any other desired embroidery editing with your design. 12. Position your design to ensure it is aligned with the center mark of the pillow. 13. If your machine has the capability select the Basting Stitch Icon to help secure the pillow in the hoop.

*Tip: For an appliqué design there are traditionally three stitch lines to create your embroidery. (a. Placement mark b. Tack down of fabric c. Decorative stitching)

  1. For this appliqué embroidery glitter was used. You can get the same effect by purchasing heat transfer vinyl typically used for t-shirts. This comes with a plastic backing which should be removed. You could also use regular fabric for the appliqué.
  2. When stitching the appliqué you want to stitch the placement stitch place the glitter over that stitch line and then stitch the tack down stitch.
  3. Trim any excess glitter or fabric after this step.
  4. Stitch the remaining decorative stitching which will encase the raw edges of the glitter or fabric.
  5. Repeat the same process for the stem of the pumpkin.
  6. When ready to embroider lower the foot and the Start/Stop button.
  7. When embroidery is complete remove the frame from the machine and un-hoop the pillow. Gently remove the basting stitches and pull the tear-away stabilizer from the back of the pillow. Re-insert any pillow forms.

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