Aug 5, 2021

Elegant Embroidered Sheets

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You can personalize a simple set of sheets for your bedroom. With some beautiful designs from the new Flare or Vesta and a little bit of editing you can create this same look. I will show you some tips and tricks to create a continuous embroidery design.

Click HERE to download project instructions with additional photos.



  1. Purchase sheets of the desired size. I used Queen size. I prefer to prewash items that are going to be regularly washed.
  2. Press the wrinkles out. Fold in half and mark the center of the sheet band on the flat sheet and the pillowcases. You will need to measure the width of the flat sheet and the pillowcases. Then figure out how you would like to space your designs.
  3. If you are using the Baby Lock Vesta or Flare pull up Design 005 from the Home Accents embroidery design category and set it to the page.
  4. I created templates with Embroidery Software and added alignment marks. Then I printed the templates on Print and Stick Template paper. I like to make several to help me get my spacing correct. If you do not have the ability to print templates you can do a test stitch out of the design and make copies and print on template paper.
  5. Before stitching on your sheets I recommend doing a test stitch out of the design to determine whether the design works with the materials that you are stitching on I have an old pillowcase that I like to test stitch designs upon. This will let you see if the stabilizer is working well.
  6. On the flat sheet you will need to rotate your designs to be upside down as this part of the sheet is placed on the bed and turned down. This does not apply to the pillowcases. So when it comes to the pillowcases make sure that the orientation of the design is correct before stitching.
  7. I measured the size of the band on the top sheet and on the pillowcases. You may need to resize your design for it to be the right size. You will also need to measure the total width of the pillowcases and the flat sheets just to balance your designs across the top sheet.
  8. Place your template on your sheet and hoop the sticky stabilizer shiny side up. Then expose the tacky part of the stabilizer. Place the sheet on the sticky stabilizer. Sheets are bulky so getting the bulk managed is critical. I try to fold it up as much as possible. Clover Jumbo Clips help a lot. You will need to watch this while it is embroidering to make sure that the sheet does not get hung up.
  9. Once the sheet is hooped attach it to your machine and make sure the design is rotated to the direction needed. Then with the move arrow find the center of the design and remove the Print and Stick template. The Baby Lock optional U+ foot is an excellent help in getting right to the crosshairs on the template because of the needle beam built-in to the U+ foot.
  10. Once the first design is stitched use your templates to line up the next design. You will find this easier to do with an accessory called the PAL Perfect Alignment Laser it is made by Dime.
  11. For the pillowcases turn them inside out and prepare the hoop. Do the same process for the pillowcase as the sheet.

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