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Baby Lock Ambassadors are talented makers who love to sew and share their creations through their highly engaged online communities. They have a strong influential voice in the sewing community and inspire other makers to reach their full creative potential through their dedicated website and social channels where they regularly share projects, tutorials, videos, and tips and tricks. Ambassadors sign a detailed contract with the brand. It will outline the partnership expectations as well as how Ambassadors will promote Baby Lock machines and accessories in connection to their established brand.

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Baby Lock Partners are groups, sewing personalities, non-profits, brands, project-focused creators, and rising social media makers. In most cases, they are looking to Baby Lock for collaboration on their initiatives and ideas. In turn, they have the opportunity to partner directly with the brand on key brand initiatives as their schedule allows. Partners may abide by a flexible short-term or long-term contract and represent Baby Lock machines and accessories.

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Baby Lock Educators are makers who love to teach. They thrive in a class setting and have a natural drive to inspire makers of all skill levels. These types of individuals have experience teaching in a retailer or classroom setting while having the ability to curate their own teaching curriculum. Interested individuals must be willing to travel and work independently on building their own teaching schedule. Lastly, they have a strong understanding of Baby Lock machine capabilities and techniques including optional accessories and attachments. Educators may abide by a short-term or long-term contract.

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Baby Lock Retailers are store owners who sell Baby Lock machines and accessories.

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