Donation Request

Baby Lock (Tacony Corporation) is proud to be the official machine donor to the Enchanted Makeovers Sacred Sewing Room initiative. Baby Lock provides sewing machines and support to sewing rooms in shelters across the United States helping to empower women to learn a new skill. The Sacred Sewing Rooms are in constant need of teachers and supplies. Learn more and help the Enchanted Makeovers Sacred Sewing Room by visiting sitelet.

Because of this national commitment to the Enchanted Makeovers Sacred Sewing Room, we cannot respond to all donation requests directly. For the quickest response, your donation request should go through your Authorized Baby Lock Retailer. You can find your retailer here.

About Enchanted Makeovers: Enchanted Makeovers is a non-profit organization striving to bring hope and healing to shelter residents across the United States. The Sacred Sewing Room initiative is subset of Enchanted Makeovers. The Sacred Sewing Room is a designated sewing space added to some shelters. Volunteers are recruited to teach residents how to sew. Many residents find that sewing helps the healing process. Learning to create and give to others is empowering. In fact, instructors are encouraged to host "give back" classes so residents can sew for others. Baby Lock understands that sewing is more than a needle, thread and fabric. To help continue healing through sewing, Baby Lock is proud to be the exclusive machine donor in the Sacred Sewing Rooms.