Baby Lock USA & Canada is committed to accessibility in the sewing community. We believe all makers should be able to discover their love of sewing. This page outlines features that will enhance a maker’s experience while using our machines and accessories.

Mobility Assistance

Baby Lock machines are equipped with features to help a maker create. Here are just a few features that help makers with mobility limitations: sewing machine threading technology, serger threading technology, automatic thread cutter, start/stop button, touch screen, automatic presser foot lift, speed control settings, optional knee lift, foot control pedal settings, and snap-on presser feet.

Visual Assistance

Baby Lock machines and sergers include a solid white base color with black, grey, gold and other color accents, providing a strong contrast to delineate from icons and certain features on a machine or serger. Select machines within our line up also have features that assist makers with visual impairments, including adjustable machine lighting, guide beam for sewing and quilting, a sensor pen for precise embroidery design placement, camera positioning for embroidery design placement, adjustable sound alerts, buttons with icons, and touch screen capabilities.

Cognitive Assistance

Several Baby Lock machines have the ability to save designs, stitch sequences, and even machine settings. You can be confident that every time you want to recreate a project or even start in a familiar setting, your Baby Lock machine will be ready when you are.

We stand behind our products and makers. We are committed to providing products that not only inspire but enhance your love of sewing. If you are ever having issues with your Baby Lock machine or have questions, send our team a message here.


Our team of makers has curated a preferred list of notions and tools that will enhance a maker's experience and make creating their next project a smoother, more enjoyable process.




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