• How do I submit a rebate?
    If you've purchased a product that qualifies for a rebate, you can submit it on our rebates site.
  • How do I register my Baby Lock machine, serger and/or Gold Standard or Love of Sewing?
    1. Login to your Baby Lock Account
    2. From the Dashboard, click the Register a New Machine
    3. Enter the information, select Validate


  • My Solaris and Palette 11 are not staying connected for wireless transfer of my embroidery designs. Any info or advice?

    The wireless transfer between Palette 11 and the Baby Lock Solaris is designed so that both the Solaris and Palette 11 maintain the connection when either is turned off.

    • If one or both are turned off, it is recommended that the Solaris be turned on before launching Palette 11.
    • Both Palette 11 and the Solaris are mobile connections, resulting in the occasional disconnect between them. While you are able to turn both the computer and the machine off without losing connection between the two, we have found that an update of the computer’s operating system or the computer going into hibernation/sleep mode, can interfere with that connection. In that case, you should follow the steps to reconnect Palette 11 to the Solaris to make the wireless transfer available once again.
  • Where can I find updates for my machine?
    You can find updates and manuals for your machine on our machine support page, or by going to its product page. You can find machine product pages by searching for a machine name or model number, or by going to our machines page and browsing.


  • Where do I set-up my new Love of Knowledge Membership?
    CLICK HERE. Select “Login/Register” farther down on the page. Select “Create an account” button. Complete the information requested including the Love of Knowledge access code. and click hte "Create Account" button.
  • What classes are available with a Love of Knowledge membership?
    Your membership includes ALL the video classes we do. Click here for the PDF COURSE CATALOG that includes all current Sew @ Home/Love of Knowledge video classes available. When we add a new one, it will just automatically be in your account ready to view!


  • Will Pro-Stitcher work with this machine?
    The current version of Pro-Stitcher will not work with the Gallant.
  • Can you tell me more about the display?
    The high-resolution color display is the size of an Apple watch. Navigation through the menus takes place by pushing the handlebar buttons. The display is not a touch-screen.