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Your Baby Lock machine is just what you need for endless creative opportunities. And with the right accessories, you can do even...

Embroidery Positioning Stickers


Your embroidery machine recognizes these Embroidery Positioning Stickers so it knows exact placement and rotation of where your embroidery designs will stitch.

Serger Tool Kit


This Premium serger tool kit has all the tools you will need to accompany your serging projects. The kit includes Double Curved...

Magnifying Lens


This accessory magnifies up to 1.7x for better visibility of the area around the needle. The Magnifying Lens fits on a variety...

Grid Glider


Use the Grid Glider Overlay to easily move your fabric during free-motion quilting. It clings directly to your machine bed with minimal...

Sewing Endpoint Stickers


Your Solaris2 or Solaris with installed Upgrade2 machine recognizes end point sewing stickers for alignment and stopping position of your decorative stitches....

Hoop Screwdriver


Specifically designed to make adjusting the embroidery hoop easy, this screwdriver with non-slip grip cradles the adjustment screw of your embroidery hoop...

Machine Clings


Personalize your sewing machine with these Baby Lock exclusive machine clings. They are easy to apply and remove with no sticky residue....

Baby Lock Exclusive Riley Blake Products

KT-24661, KT-24660, KT-TC12303, KT-TC12302 and KT-TC-665

Riley Blake Designs has created one-of-a-kind projects just for Baby Lock. Currently Baby Lock offers exclusive Sewing Machine Cover and Table Runner...

Attachment Screws


Use these screws to attach optional accessories like bias binders to the table or bed of the machine.

Baby Lock Genuine Collection Drink Tumbler


Keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold with this double wall 22oz drink tumbler with pink lid featuring the Genuine Collection...

Baby Lock Genuine Collection Quilting Kit


Get all the beginning Quilting essentials you need with the Genuine Collection Quilting Kit. The Quilting Kit includes: Cutting Mat, Ruler, Sew...

Baby Lock Genuine Collection Serging Kit


Get Serging with all the beginning essentials you need in the Genuine Collection Serger Kit. The Serging Kit includes: Four Cones Madeira...

Beginner Sewing Kit


Get all the beginning sewing essentials you need with this Beginner Sewing Kit. Introduced for National Sewing Month, this kit is a...

Edge Sewing Sheets


Use these Edge sewing sheets when sewing along an edge with the NeedleCam function. The NeedleCam reads the sheet to sense your...

Genuine Collection Sewing Kit


Get all the beginning sewing essentials you need with the Genuine Collection Sewing Kit. The Sewing Kit includes: Rose Gold Scissor Set,...

Genuine Collection Thread Kit


This 18 spool Madeira thread kit contains nine spools of Aerofil sewing thread and nine spools of Cotona 50 weight thread. Spools...

LED Cluster Lights (package of 2)


Each cluster includes 3 LED lights for the Jewel longarm machine. Add up to 10 clusters for the utmost illumination or replace...

Light Bulb- Bayonet


Bright replacement LED bulb. Refer to your machine's instruction and reference manual for how to access the light bulb and if you...

Light Bulb- Screw-In


Bright replacement LED bulb. Refer to your machine's instruction and reference manual for how to access the light bulb and if you...

Madeira Serger Thread Gift Collection for Baby Lock


This specialty serger thread collection from Madeira contains four 2,000 yard cones of Madeira Aerolock Premium Serger thread, Eight 1,100 yard mini-king...

Multipurpose Screwdriver


The Multi-position screwdriver can be changed to three different positions, making it extremely useful for the various machine preparations such as changing...

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