Daylight Slimline LED Table Lamp


Slimline Table Lamp attaches to your Sewing Station. Ideal lighting for all types of sewing and quilting. Provides wide, even light coverage, reduces eye strain and allows true color matching. Four-step brightness levels that allows improved brightness control. High-quality brushed chrome metal finish.

  • 80 ultra-bright daylight LEDs
  • Bright 155W equivalent of light, using 5W of energy
  • Lamp brightness 4,300 Lux at 6" & 1,630 Lux at 12"
  • Adjustable 360° rotatable shade
  • Integrated on/off switch for easy reach
  • Height adjustable from 6 to 20"
  • Comfortable low heat light & great color matching
  • Fast assembly, with two parts: Shade & Arm
  • Supplied with high quality metal clamp
  • Double flexible arm with 35" reach for widespread of light
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