Personalize your quilts the easy way with Decorative Quilting Interactive Embroidery from Designer’s Gallery. These labels are perfect way to add a to/from label on a gift or to add your tag to commissioned quilts. Download printable instructions.


  • Decorative Quilting Interactive Embroidery by Designer’s Gallery
  • Left over fabric from the quilt
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away stabilizer
  • Embroidery and bobbin thread
  • General sewing supplies


  • Embroidery machine


  1. At the Computer: Quilt labels finish the story. Follow these simple steps to sign your quilt:

    1. Click on the Interactive icon on the desktop.

    2. On the top toolbar, click on the Interactive icon to open the Interactive side of the program.

    3. If you have more than one Interactive program, scroll down and select Decorative Quilting Designs located to the left of the workspace.

    4. Type in the information that you want on your label. When you want to advance to the next line hit the Enter on the keyboard.

    5. If you wish to adjust the Height, Letter Spacing or Line Spacing, move the slide bars to the desired location. Tip: the letters are upper case only.

    6. Click on the Save icon and give the design a name. Save in your machine’s file format to the media device that the machine will read

  2. Hoop the Tear-Away stabilizer and the fabric in the 100mm x 100mm hoop and place on the embroidery unit of the machine.

  3. Retrieve the lettering design and embroider the design using the thread color of your choice.

  4. Remove the fabric from the hoop and trim the label to the desired size. Fold under the edges ¼″ on all sides and press.

  5. I like to place the label in one of the corners on the backside of the quilt and then hand sew in place.

    1. Option: Center the lettering inside an embroidered shape.

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