Project Frilly and Fancy Serger Scarf

By Megan Midworth

Skill Level: Beginner  

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The gift giving season is coming soon, and these scarves are a quick project that your friends and family will love! What better to give than a handmade gift from the heart? These scarves look great, and they're incredibly quick and easy to make with a Baby Lock serger!


  • Three 3/8 yard pieces of knit fabric, in colors of your choice
  • Thread to coordinate or contrast with your fabric
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Fabric marking chalk


  • Baby Lock Imagine Serger
  • Baby Locksewing machine


  1. Cut 6-8" wide strips of fabric the entire width of the fabric. Cut a minimum of two strips, but up to as many as desired. Make each strip 2-3" narrower than the previous strip.

    1. Note: The more strips you use the thicker and fuller the scarf will be.

  2. Thread the serger with thread that coordinates with your fabric.

  3. Set your serger up for a rolled hem with a lettuce edge using the following settings:

    1. Right needle

    2. Stitch length 1.5R

    3. Stitch width 3.5

    4. Differential feed 0.6

  4. Starting at the end of a strip, sew down the entire length of the fabric. When sewing, pull the fabric as it is being fed into the machine.

    1. The more you pull, the more dramatic the lettuce edging will be.

    2. When you start sewing down the second side of the strip, form the ends into points. To do this, start at the opposite edge and slowly sew over until you come to the opposite side.

    3. Note: Sometimes it may be hard to tell which side of the knit is the right side of the fabric. When in doubt, stretch the fabric at the edge, the fabric will curl towards the right side.

  5. Sew all the strips of fabric you are using, changing the thread to match, or accent your fabric as desired.

  6. After all the strips have been sewn, find the center of each and mark with a pin or chalk.

  7. Lay the widest strip down, and layer the rest of the strips on top of it, going in order of size from widest to the most narrow, matching the center points.

  8. Pin the strips together down the center of the entire length.

  9. Set your regular sewing machine as follows:

    1. Zig zag stitch

    2. Width: 4.0

    3. Length: 4.0

  10. Using a similar color thread, start at one end and zig zag down the center, stitching all of the strips together along the entire length of the scarf.

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