Project Hanukkah Embroidered Canvas Wall Hanging

By Kelly Laws

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Quickly transform a blank hanging canvas with embroidery to create a fun wall hanging to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Perfect to add a bit of festivity when entertaining, you’ll be able to create this décor in a snap! Download printable instructions.



  • Baby Lock Embroidery machine


  1. Optional Steps for Dying the Canvas:

    1. Cover work area with plastic table cover and have paper towels handy to protect against any possible spills.

    2. Read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for best practices of mixing and applying the dye.

    3. Wearing rubber gloves, use a disposable foam brush to apply the dye across the fabric in even strokes.

    4. Allow the dye to set for 20 minutes. Wash in warm water rinse and dry.

    5. To further set the dye, use a hot steam iron. Sandwich the treated area between two clean cloth pieces or paper towels, then press.

    6. If the canvas comes out too light, repeat the spot dyeing process.

    7. The canvas must be completely dry before proceeding to your embroidery machine to prevent possible staining of the machine.

  2. Set up your machine for embroidery mode.

  3. Purchase and download the Hanukkah designs from Amazing designs or use your favorite special occasion design.

  4. Transfer the design to your machine and select the first design. Add the second design to the first then size and edit the designs as desired.

  5. Hoop your Baby Lock Stick-Tear stabilizer in the largest machine hoop. Stick the canvas banner to the stabilizer floating it above the hoop.

  6. Attached hoop to the machine.

  7. Use your trial settings to ensure design is aligned.

  8. Thread machine with chosen color and stitch out your design following each color segment.

  9. Once the embroidery is complete remove the hoop from the machine and remove the canvas banner from the hoop.

  10. Remove the excess stabilizer from the back of the banner and trim any loose threads.

  11. Embellish or accent the top of the banner with a few ribbons.

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