You'll score a perfect 10 in this custom-made leotard! Use a Baby Lock serger to make even the trickiest of fabrics easy to sew. With a little skill and the right tools, you or your child will be nailing routines in a stylish outfit! Download printable instructions.


  • Kwik Sew Pattern 2932
  • Klasse Ball point Serger Needles
  • 4 Spools Madeira Aerolock serger thread
  • 1 ¾ to 2 1/8 yards (according to pattern size) of 60” wide purple fabric
  • 5/8 yard of accent fabric 1 light purple for the sleeve and front accents
  • 7/8 yard of accent fabric 2 silver for the stripes and sleeve accents
  • 2 ½ yards swimwear elastic
  • 1/3 yard clear elastic
  • KK2000
  • Clear tape
  • Tape measure
  • Ballpoint pins
  • Tissue paper
  • Pencil


  • Baby Lock Serger
  • Baby Lock 3/4” Belt Loop Binder (BLE8-S12)


  1. Cut the pattern pieces for view A (pictured as a long sleeve with skirt).

    1. For this project we will not use the skirt pieces of view A.

  2. Measure the pattern pieces and make any pattern alterations that may be needed.

  3. Overlapping to eliminate the seam allowances tape the lower leotard portion to the top for both front and back. This will eliminate waist seam where the skirt would have been inserted.

  4. Place the tissue paper over the bodice front piece and trace the neckline and sleeve edge.

    1. Draw-in a curving line connecting the lower armhole edge and opposite neck edge.

    2. Draw a second line approximately 2” below the first.

    3. This will form the patterns for the applique accents on the front of the leotard.

  5. Place the tissue paper over the sleeve pattern piece and trace the wrist edge of the sleeve.

    1. Draw-in a curved line pointing toward the elbow. This is to be the flame shaped appliques on the left sleeve. Draw a second line approximately 2” below the first.

  6. From the main fabric (purple) cut the body piece front and back, and the left sleeve.

  7. From the accent fabric 1 (light purple) cut the right sleeve and the top front applique piece and the lower sleeve flame shape.

  8. From the accent fabric 2 (silver) cut the lower front applique piece and the top sleeve flame shape and three strips on the bias 7/8” wide and as long as the fabric will allow.

  9. Thread your Baby Lock serger for a narrow cover stitch.

  10. Using the KK2000, lightly spray the applique pieces and layer them onto the bodice front. Using the narrow cover stitch, sew the edges of the appliques in place.

  11. Repeat this process to attach the sleeve appliques.

  12. Thread the serger for a two thread cover stitch and attach the belt loop binder.

    1. Feed the bias strips through the belt loop binder to make custom trim that will stretch the same as the leotard.

  13. Spray to baste these strips over the raw edges of the applique pieces. The third strip will follow a similar path 2” below the last applique over the main body piece.

  14. Cover stitch the strips onto the front body piece stitching along the previous stitching lines from the belt loop binder attachment.

  15. Thread the serger for a four-thread stitch. Sew the shoulder seams together adding a piece of clear elastic (not stretched) in the seam.

    1. This elastic will help stabilize the shoulder seams so they retain their shape while still allowing the garment stretch and movement.

  16. Using the differential feed as needed to ease in the fullness, set each sleeve.

  17. With right sides facing, align the sleeve edges and side seams. Serge down each side sewing the sleeve and side seams. Serge the crotch seam together.

  18. The using the elastic measurements given in the Kwik Sew pattern instructions cut the pieces for the leg elastic and neckline elastic from the swimwear elastic.

    1. Locking the blade as to not cut the fabric or the elastic. Serge the elastic to the raw edge of the leg openings.

  19. Locking the blade as to not cut the fabric or the elastic. Serge the elastic to the raw edge of the leg openings.

  20. Change to a wide cover stitch and fold the elastic of the neck opening to the inside or wrong side of the garment.

    1. Cover stitch through the elastic finishing the edge of the opening, stretching the elastic evenly as you go.

  21. Repeat this step for the leg openings.

  22. Fold the raw edge of the sleeve under and cover stitch to hem each sleeve.

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