Project Serged Ruffled Halloween Skirt

By Diane Kron

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Serging can make garment sewing so much easier than anyone would ever think! Even a first time sewer will be able to tackle this project. Use your Baby Lock serger to create spooky and adorable ruffles and a waved hem on this Halloween skirt that your little trick or treater can wear throughout the month of October. Download printable instructions.


  • Nie Nie No. 18 Skirt pattern from Pink Fig Patterns™
  • HallMaxi Lock thread for seaming (black)oween print fabric per pattern guide sheet
  • Madeira® Lana cotton thread (black, orange, purple and green)
  • Clear foot
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
  • Basic sewing supplies


  • Baby Lock Serger


  1. At the cutting table, follow the guide sheet to cut out all of the fabric strips for the correct size of your little one.

  2. Turn on the serger and set the machine up for 4-thread overlock.

  3. Piece the sections together to make one continuous section for all of the layers while following the steps in the pattern guide sheet.

  4. Set the serger for ruffling with the following machine settings:

    1. Set the machine for 4-Thread Overlock.

    2. Set the Stitch Selector to A.

    3. Adjust the Differential feed to 2.

    4. Set the Stitch Length to 4.

    5. Set the Width to 7.5.

  5. Serge along the top edge. To create more of a ruffle, pull the needle threads and adjust the ruffles for even distribution. Continue with the directions from the pattern guide sheet.

  6. To finish the hem on each of the layers. Set the serger up as follows:

    1. In the upper looper thread the machine with one of the three Lana thread colors to coordinate with the ruffled layer (orange, purple or green).

    2. Thread the lower looper with the black Lana thread.

    3. Thread the right needle with black Maxi Lock thread.

    4. Set the Wave Selector to Wave.

    5. Set the Stitch Selector to B.

    6. Set the Differential on N.

    7. Set the Stitch Length to 1-2.

    8. Set the Stitch Width to 5

    9. Attach the Clear foot.

  7. Serge along the bottom edge on each of the ruffled sections.

  8. Finish the skirt by following the pattern guide sheet for creating a casing and inserting the elastic for the waistband.

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