Looking for a fun and flirty dress for the holiday parties? Try this serged dress, complete with decorative chain stitching. It’s easy to create a professional look on any Baby Lock serger! Download printable instructions.


  • 4 Spools Madeira Aerolock serger thread
  • 3 Spools decorative embroidery thread
  • Madeira Aerofil all-purpose thread to match fabrics
  • Butterick Pattern Number B5917
  • Blue satin fabric for top– yardage according to size
  • Black crepe fabric for skirt– yardage according to size
  • Skirt lining fabric
  • 1 yard interfacing
  • Chalk
  • Invisible zipper
  • Scissors
  • Pins


  • Baby Lock Serger
  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine
  • Quilt Guide for Sergers
  • Invisible zipper foot (ESG-IZF)


  1. For this dress, the top and skirt were made from contrasting fabric.

  2. Cut apart the tissue for the pattern and locate the pieces used for view B.

  3. Once you have your fabrics, layout and cut the skirt pieces and the skirt lining pieces from their fabrics according to the Butterick pattern layout directions.

    1. Set these aside until the garment assembly process.

  4. From the blue solid fabric, cut a piece of fabric slightly bigger than the neck ruffle strip pieces.

  5. Thread the Ovation for a triple coverstitch with decorative embroidery thread (Black, Teal & Green) in the needles and a matching weight thread in the chain looper.

  6. Insert the Quilt Guide into the ankle, adjust the guide so it is approximately 1” from the closest needle. Then tighten the thumb screw to hold the guide in place.

  7. On the piece of blue fabric intended for the ruffle strips, coverstitch a diagonal line.

    1. Align the guide with the last needle row and stitch another row, continue stitching rows until the entire piece is striped. Cut the ruffle pieces from this striped fabric.

  8. From the blue solid fabric, cut a piece of fabric slightly bigger than the bodice front pieces.

  9. Adjust the quilt guide for a larger space (1-1/2” to 2”) from the closest needle.

  10. .Stitch lines across the fabric. Then repeat these lines from the opposite side to form squares or diamonds.

  11. Once you create your own diagonal or square chain-stitched fabric. Cut the bodice front pieces from this fabric.

  12. From the remaining blue fabric cut the front inset piece, back pieces and lining pieces.

  13. Rethread the serger for a four-thread stitch.

  14. Assemble the pieces of the dress as per the Butterick instruction sheet, using the serger to finish the edges of the seams as you construct the garment.

  15. Use the invisible zipper foot on your Baby Lock sewing machine to insert the invisible zipper in the back of the dress.

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