Nov 16, 2018

Pinwheel Wall Art

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Looking for a fun quick and easy way to update the walls of a playroom or nursery? Create these fun pinwheels! Choose bright and colorful fabrics for a pop on any blank wall or choose festive fabrics for a holiday vibe. Download printable instructions.


  • ½ Yard each of two contrasting cotton print fabrics (one floral fabric and the other a geometric print)
  • Baby Lock Shape-Flex Fusible Interfacing
  • Madeira® Cotona thread for top-stitching
  • Frixion marking pens
  • Cutting mat with rotary cutter
  • Straight edge ruler
  • Hot glue gun w/glue
  • 2 Extra-large buttons for center
  • Basic sewing supplies



  1. From each of the two prints cut out two 15” square sections.

  2. Cut out two 15” squares from the Baby Lock Shape-Flex Fusible Interfacing.

  3. Create a fabric sandwich using one each of the contrasting fabrics with one section of the interfacing placed between the two fabrics.

    1. The fabrics should have the right side facing outward. Repeat for the other fabrics and interfacing section.

  4. Set up your iron and ironing board with the iron set at the highest heat setting.

  5. Fuse the two sections together. Turn the sandwich over and fuse the reverse side of the first section. Repeat for the second sandwich section.

  6. Place the one of the fused sections on the cutting mat. Determine the center on both of the sections.

    1. Draw a diagonal line using the straight edge ruler and the Frixion pen. Place a mark at one inch from the center point on each of the drawn lines.

    2. Using the rotary cutter and the straight edge ruler cut from the corner on each of the lines to the one inch point out from the center point. Stop 1” short of the center point.

    3. Repeat for the other section.

  7. Set up the machine for straight stitch sewing. Wind a bobbin using the same thread that will be as the top thread. Drop the bobbin in the bobbin case and thread the machine.

  8. Stitch around the raw edges on each of the sections. Place the right edge of the presser foot along the raw edge to create a straight line of stitching to secure the sections together.

  9. To fold the sections to the center point follow the next set of steps.

    1. Plug in the glue gun to heat it up.

    2. On the first pinwheel determine the outside section on the first pinwheel (flower print on the inside).

    3. Place one of the end points sections to the center point and glue in place. Do not crease.

    4. Repeat for the other points placing them in the center of the pinwheel while gluing them in place.

    5. Glue the extra-large button so that it covers the center point.

    6. On the second pinwheel I reversed the fabric so that the yellow print fabric was on the inside.

  10. Hang on your wall and enjoy!

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