Nov 1, 2023

Cherry Cross Stitch Matrix Pillow

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All-over patterns are all the rage and creating fun and unique projects using this technique has never been easier thanks to the Altair 2/Meridian 2 Matrix Copy feature. Go from a blank, solid color pillow blank to an cross stitched cherry dream in no time with this “sweet” and easy project. 


Click here to download the cherry embroidery design. 


Skill Level: Beginner

Created By: Mike Johns, National Baby Lock Training and Education Specialist




1. This project uses a premade pillowcase measuring 20”x20”; however, if you prefer to make your own pillowcase, feel free! Use a seam ripper to deconstruct the pillowcase so that it is open and flat. Adhere the Fusible Fleece to the back of the pillowcase. Only the area behind the front section of the pillowcase needs to be covered, but you can cover the back of the entire pillowcase if you choose. 

2. Determine the size of the area of the pillowcase that you want to cover with the embroidery design. Make any designed alignment marks with the tool of your choice.

3. Download the Cherry Cross Stitch embroidery design and load it to a USB/Media Stick so that it can be transferred to your machine (you may also send the design wirelessly using Design Database Transfer or Palette 11 if your machine is connected to a wireless network).

4. From the Embroidery Setting Screen, select the Memory Pocket. Select the USB/Media Stick icon. Navigate to the Cherry Cross Stitch Design. Select the design and touch Set. The design is now loaded to the machine and appears on the Embroidery Edit Screen. 

5. Select Edit. Select the Pattern Repeat Key/Border Key.  

6. The Pattern Repeat/Border window will open. Select the third icon on the second row, the Matrix Key.

7. On the Matrix window, select the hoop size that represents the size closest to the area you wish to fill. The largest hoop available is 9.5”x14”. If the area you wish to cover exceeds this size, you may have to do multiple hoopings. To fully cover the 20”x20” pillowcase, a total of four hoopings using the 9.5”x9.5” will be needed. The selected hoop size will show on screen. The selected embroidery design will also auto populate with the largest number of repeats of your selected design that will fit in the selected hoop being shown. 

8. The selected design repeats will be closely grouped together; however, the horizontal and vertical spacing can be adjusted using the icons on the lower right side of the screen. The top row will adjust the vertical spacing, the second row will adjust the horizontal spacing, and the third row will adjust the horizontal and vertical spacing while maintaining proportions.

9. Adjust the horizontal and vertical spacing as desired. The number of repeats of the selected design will automatically update based on the hoop selection and vertical/horizontal spacing. Select Set to exit the Matrix screen. Select OK to exit the Pattern Repeat/Border Key. 

10. Select Memory and save the design to Machine Memory. 

11. Select Embroidery. The Embroidery Settings Screen will open. 

12. Hoop the pillowcase in the desired hoop. The hoop must be AT LEAST as large as the hoop selection used in the Matrix function. Depending on the material of the pillowcase, stabilizer may or may not be needed since the fusible fleece has been added. A cutaway stabilizer can be used if needed. In the sample, since we will have four hoopings, the upper left corner of the pillowcase is hooped first. Use your favorite positioning methods to align the design with the fabric as desired (the IQ Intuition Positioning Application can be used in conjunction with the Positioning Sticker, IQ Intuition Positioning Application can be used to import a photo of the fabric in the hoop, or the Needle Beam can be used). 

13. Stitch the first section of the selected embroidery design. 

14. Once the design is complete, rehoop the pillowcase so that the next section is within the embroiderable field. The design will still be on the screen from the previous stitch out; however, if for some reason it is not showing, recall the design from memory and advance to the Embroidery Settings screen. As before, use your favorite method of alignment to ensure the new section of designs align with the previous sections. Stitch the new section. 

15. Repeat Steps 11-13 until all sections of the design have been embroidered. Trim away any excess stabilizer. Reassemble the pillowcase and insert the pillow form. The project is complete! Enjoy your new pillow!




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