This is the Background Image w/ Intro, Outro & Headline Template

Halfby right side template

This is a text area that can be used for paragraphs of text. You can add a CTA, a title, an image, and an icon.

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Halfby Left Side

This is the template for Halfby left Side. It's the same as the right side one, but on the left.

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Halfby Left Image in a Carousel How to use

If you put your Halfby Left Image Template and Halfby Right Image Template in a Basic Carousel, they look like this!

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Halfby Right Image in a Carousel

Try to keep the length of the copy and size of the image roughly the same, otherwise the slider might do some weird things when you click through.

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This is the intro Generic Headline Used for blocks of text

Ad CTA w/ Background Image Template

Tag line goes here

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Background Image CTA template This is the

Title 1

Has an overall title (w/ intro text), titles, icons, & CTAs for 2 side-by-side sections, and mobile (640x1430)/desktop (3000x2000) images.

Button text

Title 2

Keep the text short and the same length between the two sections, otherwise you can get some weird staggering going on.

Button text

This is a Split Border Headline! This is outro text...after title

Ad w/ CTA Template

You can add text, an optional icon, a title, and a CTA. You can also specify a bg color.

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General Content Block

Use this when you have a lot of text. You can set a title, add the text, and set a background color. The text will be left-aligned. You can add links within the text, and do some mildly fancy formatting with the markdown editor:

  • Like this
  • You can make lists
  • Wow

You can also put subheadlines in here

It's neat. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Formatting is fun
  3. That's all I got

Halfby Text & Image

This template controls both the left and the right side. You can set an icon, a bg color, an image, a title, copy, and a CTA for both. Keep copy the same length if possible.

CTA left

Title for Right Side

The right side is controlled by the same template as the left. Try to keep the text & titles even if you can, and make sure to keep the images the same size as well.

CTA right

This is intro text - before title This is the Bordered Headline Template This is outro text...after title

Halfby Text Template

Both of these sides are controlled by one template: the Halfby Text Template. You can set a bg color, a title, an icon, some text, and a CTA.

Left Click Here

Right Title for Halfby Text

This is the right side text. It is controlled by the same template as the left one. Make sure they have roughly the same amount of copy or they can become misaligned.

Right Click Here

Halfby Right Image! test does this show

This template lets you set an image, a background color, a title, a CTA, a description, and an icon.

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This is a tag line Title < 20 characters!

This is the Hero w/ Background Image & Color/Heading/Subheading/Text/Button template.

Keep copy short

Halfby Left Image This is the tag line

This is the Halfby Left Image template. This is the exact same as the Halfby Right Image template, but the image is on the left instead. Wow!

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Video template below

The video embed template is right below this one! You can use either YouTube or Vimeo links, and can specify a background color.

For the embed link, you will need to open the menu to share the video (on YouTube or Vimeo itself), select embed, and copy the link only (none of the rest of the stuff in the iframe).

Genuine Collection logo

This is a sample of the Centered Image & Text module! You have space for an image and a description below it. You can also set the bg color on this.

Three-Column Grid

This is what the Three Column grid looks like! You can choose from a lot of cool options like icons, links for the icons, titles, text for each section, and background color.

Section 1

This is what the Three Column grid looks like! You can choose from a lot of cool options.

Section 2

You can choose the icons, links for the icons, titles, text for each section, and background color for the whole thing.

Section 3

There is a section that lets you set an overall description, but it's not showing on the front-end. We have a ticket in to fix it.

Event calendar template

The section below this is the Event Calendar template. You can add a calendar ID (you must specify local vs national), and you can target a year and month to display. If you want to show the current month and year, leave those fields blank.

To get the calendar ID, in the admin open the calendar you wish to target and copy the number that appears in the URL for that calendar.

This template is the general content block template. If you want to add some info above your event calendar template, use this or another template.

Update Your Location

Enter a new City, State or Zip Code to view events in that area.


Spotlights in a spotlight carousel

The items below are spotlights, and they are in a spotlight carousel template. The spotlight carousel puts the spotlights in a 3-column grid like this (but you can have as many as you want). You can set the bg color in the spotlight carousel. In the spotlights, you can have an image, a link and link text. You can choose to only load the image and link (without text) as well.

Make sure the images are the same size within your carousel, or the cards might be different sizes.

Image w/ Link below

This template is just for an image that doubles as a link. The image area takes up 100% of the viewport.

This is the software update

In this template, you have a title, a description, and place to put an iframe URL. You can use this for anything you'd like to embed on the page in an iframe (except for videos, please use the Video Embed template for that).

This template is mostly used on the Totally Stitchin' pages.

Find a Retailer

You can turn almost any template into a Find a Retailer module by adding a CTA link of {find-a-retailer} (leave the CTA text blank).

Content Grid Template


This is a subtitle

Use this template when you have a small amount of info and some small images to go with it.


Another subtitle

You don't have to have four items, you can have less. Just fill out the sections you need.


Subtitle 3

There are no links or CTAs in this one but you can specify image, overall title, subtitles, and some descriptive text.


Subtitle 4

The section titles don't seem to show, which is a bummer. But the subtitles will.

This is a test! TLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod.


asdfadsf asf asd fasdfasf asdfasdwqwtrqwr

Email signup/form template

The template below is a General Content Block with some extra bits of code in it to add a form! Pretty cool!

Important: Only put the info below. Only use





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