Jun 1, 2013
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April Showers and May Flowers Quilt

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Celebrate springtime with this fun easy quilt. Spend a rainy afternoon sewing and be ready to enjoy a beautiful day using your flowery quilt. Check your stash for some bright and cheery fat quarters to make this whimsical project. Download printable instructions.


  • Madeira Cotona Thread to match fabrics
  • Madeira Quilting Thread
  • 14 Fat quarters of a variety of prints cut into 54 9” squares or a combination of 54 9” squares from fabric stash.
  • 2 1/3 yards for white border-cut into 5” strips (40” wide)
  • de) 2/3 yard for pink border-cut into 3” strips (40” wide)
  • ½ yard for grey border- cut into 2” strips (40” wide)
  • 6 ½ yards 45” backing fabric
  • 3 ½ yards of batting
  • Pins
  • Rotary cutter mat and ruler
  • Iron and ironing mat


  • Baby Lock Crescendo Sewing Machine
  • Baby Lock Crown Jewel
  • Pearl Frame
  • Pro-Stitcher Software


  1. Cut 54 9-inch squares from fat quarters or fabric stash.

  2. Cut fabric squares vertically 5½ inches from the edge of the fabric.

  3. Then cut those cut sections horizontally 3½ inches. You will end up with four stacks of squares.

    1. One- 5½” X 5½”

    2. Two- 5½” X 3½”

    3. One- 3½” X 3½”

  4. Rearrange the fabrics into different stacks for each section of the cut 9-inch block.

  5. Thread the Crescendo with the Madeira Cotona thread. Using a ¼ inch seam allowance and a straight stitch piece the sections together to create a block.

    1. Mix and match fabric patterns to add variety to quilt blocks.

  6. Piece block A and B along the 3½ inch edge.

  7. Piece blocks C and D along the 5½ inch edge.

  8. Then attach the block A/B pieces with the C/D pieces along the 8½-inch edge.

  9. Continue until you have 54 completed blocks. Lightly press.

  10. Connect blocks into 9 rows of 6 blocks. Alternate block direction when assembling into pieced top section. Lightly press.

  11. Cut eight 5-inch (40 inches wide) strips for white border.

  12. Cut eight 3-inch (40 inches wide) strips for pink border.

  13. Cut eight 2-inch (40 inches wide) strips for grey border.

  14. Attach borders to edges of the quilt.

  15. Miter border corners if desired. Lightly press.

  16. Load backing batting and pieced top onto the Pearl frame accordingly to quilt with the Crown Jewel and Pro-Stitcher software.

  17. Select your pattern. (Note: Clover Edge to Edge was the pattern used for pantograph quilting on this project)

  18. Set the sewing area for your designs by selecting one row of the pieced quilt section at a time.

    1. Repeat the pattern to fill the area on your quilt top.

    2. Skew the design to fit into the sewing area and make any other adjustments to the pattern to customize your quilt design.

  19. Quilt the middle section of the quilt by repeating the stitch design for each row of the pieced block section.

  20. Continue the pattern until the entire center section is complete.

  21. Quilt the borders by stitching-in-the-ditch stippling or adding another design with the Crown Jewel and Pro-Stitcher

  22. Once your quilting is complete remove the quilt from the frame.

  23. Trim to away the excess backing and batting and lightly press.

  24. Cut nine 3-inch strips (40 inches wide) for binding.

  25. Attach the binding to finish quilt.

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