Mar 25, 2015
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Baby Quilt As You Go Tutorial

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This quilt-as-you-go baby quilt is so quick fun and cute. It’s also a great quilting project for beginners! The finished dimensions of this quilt are approximately 43” wide by 53” long. Download printable instructions and guide.


  • Baby Lock® Walking Foot
  • 1 spool of Madeira® Aerofil Quilting Thread to coordinate fabrics
  • Fabric A – 12”
  • Fabric B – 13”
  • Fabric C – ½ yd
  • Fabric D – 7”
  • Fabric E – 9”
  • Fabric F – 10”
  • Backing – crib sized quilt package (45” x 60”)
  • Backing – 1½ yds
  • Binding – 13”
  • Optional heart appliqué – 9” fabric and batting scrap 4” of 45” fabric for the ruffle


  • Baby Lock® Melody


  1. Cut fabric.

    1. Fabric A - cut three 3.5" strips.

    2. Fabric B - cut three 4" strips.

    3. Fabric C - cut three 5.5" strips.

    4. Fabric D - cut two 3" strips.

    5. Fabric E - cut two 4" strips.

    6. Fabric F - cut two 4.5" strips.

    7. For the backing cut the selvages off of your fabric and square off the top and bottom edges (should be approx. 44” by 54”) and press.

    8. For the batting gently lay out on a large flat surface (it may need a little light pressing) trying not to stretch it.

    9. Lay your backing on top and use this as a pattern cutting your batting the same size as your backing.

    10. For your binding cut five 2.5” strips.

  2. Now lay your backing out smoothly and layer the batting on top smoothly (not stretched).

  3. Lay the first strip (fabric A) down and pin evenly with the top edge. Baste through all layers about a ¼” away from the edge to hold the top edge of the strip in place.

  4. Then place your second strip (fabric B) right sides together and pin evenly through all layers.

    1. With your needle in the center using your walking foot follow the edge of the foot as your guide and stitch down this seam.

    2. You are sewing through all of the layers hence “quilt-as-you-go” because it is quilting the layers together as you sew!

    3. Then press the fabric B strip open and down.

  5. Continue sewing your strips in order in the same fashion.

    1. Eventually you’ll need to start rolling both sides up to the seam you are sewing for ease of sewing.

    2. After you stitch the last strip baste the lower edge of that strip down to the lower edge of the quilt with a ¼” seam allowance.

  6. When all of your strips have been sewn down cut away excess using a rotary cutter and even out the sides. I had to trim off about a ½” off of each side.

  7. Finally bind your quilt and you’re all done! Add an applique if you'd like!

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