Sep 1, 2008
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Circular Embroidery Pillow

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Circular embroidery is a breeze with Designer's Gallery! Easy projects such as these pillows can be made with a few simple steps and your home will be spruced up in no time!


  • White standard sized pillow case
  • Blue contrasting fabric for pillow edge
  • 12″ x 18″ Pillow insert
  • Buttons for covering
  • Baby Lock® Tear-Away Stabilizer
  • Sewing and embroidery thread
  • General sewing and embroidery supplies


  • Baby Lock® sewing and embroidery machine
  • MasterWorks II from Designer’s Gallery®


  1. Open the program by clicking on the MasterWorks II icon on the desktop.

  2. To place the hoop on the workspace click on menu View and click on Select Hoop.

    1. Select the 200mm x 300mm hoop. Click OK. Note: If you are using a machine with a smaller hoop adjust the size of the design so that it fits in your hoop.

  3. To bring in the shape click on Rectangle Shape on the left toolbar. Left click and draw a square box. Size is not important in this step.

  4. After the box is drawn click on the Transform tab in the Properties. Remove the checkmark from Maintain Aspect Ratio.

    1. In both the Width & Height fields enter in 15.00mm and click Apply.

  5. With the Artwork selected right click on the shape. From the commands select Transform Artwork and then Circular Copy.

  6. In the Circular Copy field click on the up arrow in the Objects field to change the Count to 24 objects on the circle.

    1. Click on Apply for the number in the window to change. If you are happy with the look click on OK. This will send you back to the workspace.

  7. If all the shapes do not fit within the hoop select all 24 sections as one.

    1. In the Properties field under Transform tab change to 194mm for both the Height and Width. Click Apply.

  8. On the Stitch Effect toolbar click on Run Motif and choose Motif 208 from the drop down.

    1. Click on Apply for the stitches to be applied to the artwork.

  9. In this step we will place a letter in the center of the circle using a built in Font.

    1. Click on the Text icon on the left toolbar.

    2. Left click anywhere on the workspace.

    3. In the Properties field enter in your initial in the Text field.

    4. In the Font field click on the down arrow and select Slim Script. This font was selected because it has been digitized for large lettering.

    5. Place the letter in the center of the circle design. To be sure the design is centered click on the Center tool on the top toolbar. The letter will automatically be centered.

    6. Center the Circle design in the same manner.

  10. If you wish to change colors do it at this time by selecting the segment and the color of choice under the Color Palette.

  11. Click on Print Preview and follow the prompts to print out a template of the design.

  12. Click on File Save As and save as a Working File format (.blf). Then save as a .pes file to the media device that your embroidery machine will read.

  13. Cut the pillow case in half across the width. The portion that will be used to complete the finished pillow will be the original open side of the pillowcase.

  14. Open one of the side seams with a seam ripper.

  15. Using the printed template place the template on the top side of the pillowcase to determine the position of the design.

    1. Once the position is determined pin the template to the top.

  16. Hoop the stabilizer along with the templated pillow top in the center of the hoop using the cross marks on the template to center the design.

  17. With the design merged onto the embroidery machine’s workspace center the needle over the cross marks on the template. Remove the template from the pillow top.

  18. Embroider the design using the thread color of your choice.

  19. Cut a section from the blue contrast fabric 8 ½″ wide by the width of the fabric. Fold each of the long edges under ½″ and press.

  20. Attach the folded edges along the top band on the pillow top. Top stitch the contrasting band to the pillow top along the folded edge.

  21. With the right sides together sew the bottom and the side seams together using a ½″ seam allowance.

  22. Turn the right side out and insert a pillow insert.

  23. Cover the buttons using a contrasting fabric.

  24. Sew the buttons to the edge to hold the pillow together.

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